Crystals, Clarity and Intentions

20140412_082144There is an incredibly vast and powerful Full Moon upon us… a Libra Lunar Eclipse this Monday and Tuesday, the 14th and 15th of April. I will talk more about this and the intense energies we are all feeling on Tuesday’s New Human transmission. I spent much of the morning cleansing, talking to, offering my gratitude to and getting all my crystals out side to be charged by the Sun and Moon of these immensely significant days.

For those of you who are not aware, you may cleanse crystals with running water, salt water (I like to use sole), smudging, sand/earth, candle flame, water with essential oils, druse quartz, sunlight/moonlight and or visualization. Attune to your environment and crystals and find the best combination of cleansing that resonates for you. Remember, intention is everything.

Once your crystals are sparkly (mine were just giddy to come out of their usual spots around the cabin) and refreshed, create some kind of altar, hearth, safe sanctuary for them outside. Sunlight, Moonlight, White Light and Quartz Crystals are all effective charging options to kind of reboot and enhance the attributes of your crystals. As a note, Kyanite, Azulite, Diamond, Phenakite, Apophyllite and Citrine do not need cleansing. But I felt strongly to gather all my crystal family together at this important Moon event and put everyone, even my necklaces and Shiva Lingams and Deities all out together. What I chose to lay the crystals on and where, the plants I surrounded them with were all part of the ceremony and intention I brought to this activity. I have written recently in the New Human blog about the importance of crystals on the planet at this time, now more than at any other time in our history. They are alive, intelligence, sentient and wise beings. They have so much to share and gift to us in remembrance of our own crystalline essence. I just took another dozen Shining Ones books to Points of Light here in Asheville. It is the biggest crystal store in the entire Southeast. They carry only books about crystals, with the exception of the New Human and the Shining Ones book and they cannot keep the latter two in stock. This makes so much sense to me because this New Paradigm, New Consciousness, New Earth teaching is about our crystal essence and the Shining Ones are here to assist in activating that authentic nature and Light in humanity.

Finally, I just had to share with you a moment of my sweet angel being, Samadhi Blue. She is 15 years old an extraordinary! People see and observe her and cannot believe she is any older than 11 and for a golden, well for any dog really, this is exceptional! Blue was very intent in watching me wash the crystals and get them all situated on the deck. Almost like a mother making sure I was taking care with these precious beings. As soon as I was finished and had the energy just right in the grid I laid out on the deck, Samadhi Blue got up and went and lay next to them in the sunlight. This is all the more special because going to lay on the back deck is not something she does, probably due to the hard wood surface. And yet, there she went, called by the energy and her own essence to go and watch over those crystals, a guardian of their light frequency! Sigh~

Special times, indeed. Bring the best of who you are to each moment and be mindful, be present, be conscious and in your heart with all you do. You are a crystal being and the world has great need of you at this time.


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  1. Karen says:

    I affirm, I AM Crystal Essence & Divine Radiance……..blessed BE……in gratitude <3

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