The Choice Of Higher Perspective

12662485_10208781463356537_2794210336369618390_nSat Nam Light Tribe,

What a wondrous and abundant passage of TRUTH we are in. Take a moment to imagine standing in the spot overlooking the scene in this photo… this is what the Blue Ridge looks like in winter. There is a whole other level of reality below the low hanging clouds here – I just love the symbolism that relates so directly to this NOW of human evolution! As I stood in this moment, I could feel the Earth and Light realms penetrating my conditioned mind with the invitation to remember the greater realities we are enveloped in.

Lately I have been feeling, even as I walk into a Home Depot or stand gassing up the car, I feel as if I AM standing on an elevated foundation. It is this sense of there being all this outer “stuff” – these details of form that seem to go round and round with so much drain and density all the time and yet, feeling as if I AM not “there”, in that space, being pulled in and out of moods and swayed in emotion. The outer reality is no longer IN my mind, perceptions and beliefs!

I AM sure you are aware of the idea that if someone you know does something they KNOW makes you angry – that is personal and you react. Yet, if a stranger did the same thing, it wouldn’t affect you in the same way because there would be no personal history involved. Now let’s expand that understanding out to the reality and paradigm around us. This is the essence I am endeavoring to describe – this sense of standing on an elevated earth, higher ground, no longer taking the dogma and details of the 3D, conscious thinking world, personally. Because we don’t belong there and ultimately, it is not a part of who we are, as Light.

This is the SHIFT underway and it is compounding exponentially. Today, the first of February, was tidal wave of energy. As in Geesh and WOW!  I kept seeing the image in my minds eye of standing still on a shore and all of the sudden – having a huge wave come barreling in. So, there was a lot flying around today – using the earlier symbolism of standing on an elevated surface in the everyday matrix – today there was a lot that was grabbing at our feet and trying to upset our balance, our center and new human poise. I was aware of this, yet remained with this steadfast feeling of being undeterred by the antics and shenanigans of the old constructs that are coming unhinged! Does “living in the world but not a part of it”, ring a bell? 😉 

Here is something for you to contemplate with the high mind as we step into February! Whether conscious or not, a strong thread of energy in the human nature is to be always out ahead of where we are, imagining the life we will be or could be living rather than fully embracing and committing to the one we actually live. If we are honest, we have all been guilty of this at one time or another. The good news is that these next few months will provide an excellent buoyancy to once and for all, break that habit! Perhaps not all at once, but gradually and incrementally getting on board with the fact that you are living the life, right now, that you were meant to live. This month is about a new level of commitment to the choices and decisions you have made to get you to this moment – and then, beginning to embrace a perception that thoroughly accepts, even falls in love with, the life you are actually living.

As I stood on top of Bear Mountain and took in, breathed in this view you see here… this sense of “feet on the Earth, head in the heavens and heart wide open to LIFE” – grounded into the core of who I AM. This Shining Ones relate that “until you awaken to your SELF, many of your choices of reality are chosen by the Core Beliefs that were activated in early youth or past lives”. Until NOW, we have had to work hard to release these limitations. But with this Cosmic Reset and constant support of these new light frequencies, you can more easily re-calibrate your perceptual channels to receive the fifth dimension – and beyond – without becoming overwhelmed. I feel that is what this beautiful visual, this world above the clouds (illusion, shadow, density) is all about. A gift from the higher realms, I AM extending to you here with this illumination on what is currently landing in February!

Stay tuned here as we continue to explore and deepen in the mystery of the New Earth and a New HUman potential, together. The brilliance of this passage continues, the Light, as always, never disappoints and more often than not, dazzles! ???✨?

Golden Bliss Blessings on ALL,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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  1. Karen says:

    I gratefully accept these gifts of higher perception & perspective. I deeply breathe in the Golden Bliss Blessings of this Divine Now…….as above, so below…..Amen!

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