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Bright Blessings Light Tribe,

I found this sharing interesting and wanted to pass it along to you. I do not know who “Nachi” is, that authored it, I did try and get more information to give this person credit. But the topic and reflections here are very relevant to this now – to the tremendous SHIFT underway in relationships on our planet and the new level of awareness and understanding necessary if we are to evolve, both personally and collectively. ?


“I read a random news feed about Gwyneth Paltrow saying her ex-husband is now, “like a brother. Following the article were many comments making fun of that statement.
Relations can change into anything – not just after separation or end of a marriage but anywhere… in fact relations are birthed new, moment to moment. It is considered only normal by rules or understanding of societal view to relate to one person by one name of relation…how can it be ever true…when life is another name for change, transition, when it is another name for water with which we have a relation infinite means and ways. There are thousand names of love…millions of ways to meet one person…as a friend, as a lover, as a son, as a mother, as brother or sister, even in one split moment. The intimacy of our love even loving as strangers…we can be so much more…we can love from distance and be real or imaginary friends, mothers, fathers, any relation you can name…and bridge the distance, honour the life that comes with no name on and merges with re-merges with the no name love. Again and again. I find it baffling as to why we relate to each other in this world by sex and sexual identity and its multiplication…its like mother, brother, father, lover…all exclusive and separate….and that relations are born out of bloodlines? When a relationship is a conversation happening right now between two Souls. We are related in multiplicity and the objective of relation is not just to exist…it is to BE. We are the canvass of the sky…we don’t need the colors or need to know their names…we need to be open though to see the transformation and be it flowing through us ~~~ ?I am writing this to my world in past and present, to that world that confuses opening to love into some sort of mental disorder or a abnormality even in something as vital and simple as speaking through ones voice…saying a word, sharing an image, being candid Self.”


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