Gayatri Prayer and New Human Mudra

Good Morning Light Tribe,

I AM sharing this mudra, accompanied by the Gayatri Mantra, that the Shining Ones gifted me a couple of years ago. It is an important energy anchor and really helps with centering and grounding these powerful ascension waves. You will see that the rhythm of 3 is important, along with spiral energy and really pulling the energy down the central column. You will get to the point if you work with it of being able to feel the strength of the centering without the actual mudra, because ultimately as with all mudras, the movement is about feeling and connecting with energy. We are in a constant process of developing a different relationship with energy, this mudra will support that process. We always engage this mantra and mudra together in the New HUman retreats, until I get to meet you in that circumstance, I AM sharing it here, with you.?

Gayatri Prayer (prayer to the sun)?

You who are the Source of All Power
Who’s rays illuminate the whole world,
illumine also my heart,
so it too, can do your work.

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3 comments on “Gayatri Prayer and New Human Mudra
  1. Marianne says:

    This so lights me up! Thank you, thank you:)

  2. Karen says:

    OM……..I love this mudra….thank you DeAnne & The Shining Ones……OM???

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