Happy Life

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects. ~Albert Einstein

Good Morning Light Tribe, DeAnne here and still without a computer! I appreciate your patience with my current limitations in being able to create and share energy as freely here ~ also know that if you sent me an email any time from last Saturday the 20th, I will not have awareness of that or be able to respond to you until the LOGIC BOARD is replaced on my Mac! Can’t help but have a big smile and full heart with that metaphor. Energetically, the computers in our life are connected to our brain, the command center through which all information and data flows! “Logically”, the Logic Board (which has to do with the image projection on a computer – re: perception) on certain Macs is under recall. So, aside from the fact I AM having to be without the “command center” for my work flow for a weeks time… there is no expense involved and the “reboot” is fairly painless! 🙂

Now, because we are new humans and we understand the world of metaphor and that energy is ALWAYS working in our lives in unseen and often profound ways, I cannot help but look and feel more deeply into this very 3D event, for the higher realms communication, gift and in this case, HUMOR involved. In the greater context of an evolving world, the new energies and Solar Light affecting every aspect of life as we know it, is all about IDENTITY. This most beautiful thing is happening in this exquisite and unique moment in time. But it is pretty brutal and scary and disorienting to the identity aspect. Imagine for a moment a very tightly bound ball of twine, representing everything you thought you knew, every belief and perception, emotion, memory, sense of Self and understanding about life that has defined everything about you. And not just you alone, but the experiences and beliefs and understandings of your ancestors, as well, all stored in your inner akash – or DNA. And what is happening with the energies emanating from our Sun, Cosmic Lightwaves from a rapidly shifting Solar System and planetary influence, even and especially so the energies emanating from within the Earth Mother ~ it is likened to an unraveling of that ball of twine that is the foundation of who we “know” ourselves to be! Counterclockwise, spinning and uncoiling, unraveling from the outside in, everything bound and old, wherever the mind and emotions are tethered, stripping away the false self and footing of the old paradigm self.

THERE IS NO LOGIC TO BE FOUND in this here and NOW! The only response and even sanity within the inexplicable nature of the Ascension process at this time, is a deepening of our FAITH and TRUST in the True Self and the true nature of Existence. If you feel like you are floating in nothingness with no bearing, if your energy is high and your mind bright one day and the next you just want to stay in bed and not speak to any one… if you have days where you just want to eat junk and the next, you are on point and centered with Mastery and strength… if you feel empty or sad or just plain weird, remember this – you have a choice! You can resist the unraveling of the known identity which will result in despair, doubt, isolation, overwhelm and inertia, at best! OR, you can BE FULLY WITH THE MOMENT, breathing into however it is manifesting for you while trusting every nuance as the Light rewriting your identity in a way that is making you whole, once again.

We are remembering and emerging as new, the humans on earth at this time. And even on the most nonsensical and rudderless of days – we are beautiful and in agreement with the “new logic” that is seeping in as a New State Of Consciousness. New bodies, new minds, new hearts – this is the path and destiny of the New HUman. Anything or moment that feels less than this, is just invitation to more love. In the current New Human webcast we worked with the state of Aparigraha~ moving without thought through a very fluid NOW, non-grasping and in LOVE with life. It is invaluable to remain conscious of the fact that nothing in all of our history as a species and planet can be grasped or relied upon to illumine this process. Only the Light can do that! And the Light is only and ever IN THIS MOMENT – and INSIDE OF YOU!

This year, so far, is as close to a miracle as anything we might define as such with human understanding. Miracles are simply the manifestation of the improbable. But just because something has not been witnessed or experienced before, does not make it any less so. I love the image shared in this post precisely because it defies logic. The “new human being” in the picture is not looking down and in the mind about the precarious footing in her 3D reality – she is balancing because she is reaching to a reality where it is possible to fly! We talked about  goal setting in the new atmosphere of a 5D World in  the current (2/21) webcast, as well  –  much like the reach that Mr. Einstein advocated, the true goals of our Ascension work appear when we have set aside the needs and distractions of the former self, identity, lower self matrix.

When I tune into the energies of this perfect and beautifully blessed moment in time – I see and feel a white staircase, unfolding like an accordion from the higher realms of Light, and I AM transfixed. I know that staircase (new DNA) is my experience to have. Things will continue to be less and less logical and stable in the dismantling reality of 3D – but the foundation and portal of a new reality is here and it demands all our focus and attention, our faith and trust and love. As my “brain” (computer) gets rewired this week (a new logic board), pretty much one month after a new car (physical body) “magically” manifests in my known, I AM completely enveloped in the MAGIC of the transforming worlds. Magic is a vibrational state of the New Consciousness manifesting in our world as an invitation out of separation and chaos and into Unity and Peace. Everywhere all around us, the Light speaks to us of a new language, a new relationship and experience of what we have come to know as life. And the secret is, the gift of it all is, that as we allow this new energy to take the reins of conditioning and fear and see every moment as a more evolved expression of LOVE, not only are we transformed in that moment… but the world transforms with us.

I AM so grateful to have a heart filled with ALL OF YOU…
Love, Light, Peace and WONDER to each and every one~
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

Replay Webcast Sunday Feb 21st
Theme: A New State of Consciousness
Meditation: Clearing The Memory of Time
Music: Dance of Ganesha by Ajeet Kaur

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4 comments on “Happy Life
  1. Kimbrewmeistress says:

    This beautiful message so perfectly states many of the exact things I’ve been feeling and experiencing but could never have expressed so eloquently. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful illuminations!!!

  2. Namaste says:

    Awesome Light Codes in the Silence
    and Throughout This Here Now In New Light Communication Welcoming In the New Day~^~ ?
    Thank you, Thank You?
    Thanking The Beloveds, Our Selves
    and Guides, ???? AAAaaaaaUUUuuuuuMMMmmmmmaummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  3. DeAnne says:

    Gratitude Lovely New HUmans for showing up and lifting the intention in this Light Intel with your presence and love. I APPRECIATE YOU. xo

  4. Karen says:

    The same morning here in hot & sunny Australia, I was blessed to be guided to look up in the trees near my river & soooooo much bird medicine enveloped me in a realm of magical colour & energy……..red breasted rosellas, aqua winged kingfisher, 2 very camouflaged owls, as well as the usual Pelicans gliding on the glassy river & the Plovers guarding their swampy home. I felt sooooooo happy & blessed to experience such sublime nature/nurture.
    It certainly pays to look up! ??✨??

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