When The Mind Becomes Still ~ April 2016


When your consciousness becomes a still mirror, a still lake, a silent reservoir of energy,
God is reflected in it. – Osho

Good Morning Beautiful Light Tribe,

One of the most powerful embodiments within the ascension journey is the understanding that everything you experience is a mirror for your consciousness. Awakening begins and ends with this ongoing revelation. If we are limited in anyway, if our family doesn’t understand us, if dis-ease haunts us, if good fortune eludes us or negative people seem to follow us around… every detail of the story we know as our life is a reflection of some belief or misunderstanding we carry within. Our goal, our deep heart and the light of our Soul as incarnated beings is to tirelessly and with faith, journey into the layers of these stories, the layers of the Self, until the mind becomes still and we experience once again, the Beloved; Father, Mother, God, holy reunion.

With the Equinox deeply integrated within and all around us in essence, we begin now what will be a month of personal and collective clarity ~ this is the invitation and gift of April, 2016, and we have been well prepared. Merging with the higher self has taken on a new level after the profound level of cleansing, clearing and freedom the Equinox Gate provided. Know that we, this newly awakening humanity, is taking transmuting the physical body to a new form, we desire deeply the experience of becoming pure conduits for the higher realms, a process truly and inexplicably underway. We are becoming conscious in the dream, waking up to a much greater awareness of our Selves and the existence around us. As such, we are experiencing alternate days of being flattened, numb, empty… to days of needing the Sun and Gaia and wide open spaces…all the while, with NO MIND on the inbetween days. Becoming conscious in the dream can feel floaty, vertigo, at times like a merry go round in sensation – lucid dreams will increase, stronger visions, the impetus to let go of petty differences and misunderstandings, choosing to see and be only love. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE and you will recognize ONLY love. Notice if you are engaging separation and disconnect rather than feeling the heart expand into more love where there is forgiveness and reunion and so much light. The mind interprets reality through a faulty lens (emphasis on finding fault) while the heart vibrates compassion and Lak’Esh ~ seeing ourselves in one another and desiring only reunion.

April brings the magnetic pull to step more solidly into service – service is KEY. Our whole reason and desire in being here as a Soul was/is to bring our gifts and wisdoms to serve this ascension process. This becomes the true focus as we begin the second quarter of this momentous year. We must move beyond concepts, thinking and trying to figure out our purpose. All clarity lies in the heart, in your feeling nature. You came here with great love for this planet and her species. The place you seek is in your feeling nature, having transmuted your shadows the path becomes overwhelming clear, like a song, when your passion is on sharing the light you have remembered with others still lost to their own.

I was lead to some very ancient, indigenous practice during this recent Equinox passage that I will share more deeply on the next New HUman transmission, Sunday, April 10th. My intention during each experience was to become closer to my Self. Nothing in between. No more stories, no more separation, no more belief in concepts that no longer serve my ability to Shine! We have come to the Earth at this time, to SHINE, brightly! I feel stronger than ever in my ability to Shine ~ and not for my Self alone, but in service to an evolving world! In my mind’s eye and heart, you are standing right beside me and we are ONE.

In your stillness and deepening, KNOW that the trajectory before you is accelerating greatly! Command the Truth of your path and purpose to you, new creations already reside in your energy field ~ the new feminine light that is here vibrates new creation. This new Solar Light is affecting the way Gaia and our hearts interpret reality – the mind is still, no concepts to cling to. Listen to your body, moment to moment, adjust, adapt, allow and anchor new habits of Self with love into the existing reality. We are experiencing evolution at an incredibly rapid pace. We are accomplishing the impossible and must deepen our connection to the physical body, emotions and heart. Our greatest responsibility at this time, both personally in our own being but collectively as well, on behalf of an evolving whole, is PEACE, holding Peace, being Peace, living it, giving it, intending it for our world. Ask, “what do I need to do in this moment to remain calm, centered and healthy?” ~ this will keep the mind still and actions aligned with the vertical dispensation, which is ALL new creation, all love.

The veils have parted tremendously so, such love to invite the human being so deeply into essence, into unfathomable mystery and reunion with Self. In this reunion, we see everyone with love, as love, in the name of love. As this last passage in March truly begins to integrate and become us, we step forth as pure conduits of the Solar Light (Christ/Unity consciousness), able to transmit codes, light frequencies, harmonics and vibrations of the higher realms into the denser reality – altering the light of this world. I AM just so very grateful for this process and those of you journeying with me, for we know each other deeply and truly. Breathe into the stillness of a mind that no longer clings to form, ANY form in ANY facet of the 3D reality. Walk confidently into this new month of being a NEW Human, declaring, I AM the Light of the World. And it will be so. It is so.

Radiant, Blessed Love to the Tribe,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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5 comments on “When The Mind Becomes Still ~ April 2016
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    I AM the Light of the World. And so be it!

  2. Karen says:

    “No more stories, no more separation, no more belief in concepts that no longer serve my ability to Shine! We have come to the Earth at this time, to SHINE, brightly! I feel stronger than ever in my ability to Shine ~ and not for my Self alone, but in service to an evolving world! In my mind’s eye and heart, you are standing right beside me and we are ONE.”

    Ahhhhhhh DeAnne, these words brought up a few tears & impressed upon my heart , that this is also my truth, my desire, my focus of BEing. My daughter just recently had tattooed across her 8 fingers “only love” ~ ~ ~ the young (she is 30) soooooo want remembrance of this truth & I am always inspired by your wisdom DeAnne to BE the light, as an elder, a wayshower , walking humbly & bravely upon a new earth in a light body that resonates only love, peace & joy Blessed Be & So It Is……..In gratitude……..

  3. Jean says:

    I could not say any better what Karen shared! Thanks so much for this post and the LIGHT of shared community and vision! 🙂


  4. Michele says:

    I so loved this DeAnne. I see I am not alone in this appreciation. Just when I think that your words couldn’t be surpassed, you so eloquently express your truth and blow me away again. Thank you, you so inspire me (us). One Love!

  5. DeAnne says:

    Gratitude Ladies, my first response is of course, that it is not me that is due the credit 🙂 it is the energy and words and love of the higher realms through me that is able to communicate so deeply with the heart, where we are ALL wise and eloquent. But THANK YOU – for being here and showing UP and opening your heart to receive this new paradigm of a new human potential. We are ALL remembering and in the remembering, are seeing one another so much more clearly and better able to cherish the unity we all share. BIG LOVE TO ALL ???

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