Deep Mysteries

Good Morning Light Tribe,

One of the quickest ways to find stability and clear the mind in this intensified reset leading up to the Spring Equinox, is to explore the natural world.

I was guided to watch a video last weekend about chemtrails. This is unusual for me as I don’t take in a lot of “extracurricular media”, but the way this documentary came to me made me aware it was one for me to make time for. And I did, along with Jim. Yet, as with most linear content, I didn’t focus too much on the “details as the energy therein, paying close attention to how the frequency of the content continued to communicate with my high mind versus my identity aspect.

And it was out in nature, the same day that I captured these videos, that some of the content really danced around in my consciousness for discernment. It referenced many times how the skies are not blue anymore because of toxic spraying. And this stayed with me in particular, even as I hiked in beautiful, pristine nature under the bluest sky. This is what Mother Gaia and the Shining Ones asked me to relay to you, the New Human population of an Ascending World. It is a reminder that there are two dynamics happening simultaneously within the Ascension movement… one is an ascending spiral spinning counterclockwise and the other, a descending spiral rotating clockwise with the rhythm and consciousness of a conditioned world. I do not discount the impact and pejorative effect of chemtrails – but they are only affecting certain atmospheres of reality, of consciousness and energy.

Gaia wants us to know that even as certain aspects of life on our planet are deteriorating and in dire conditions, there is also renewal and resurrection underway, powerfully so. This rebirth and new life is within the human form and within her form, equally so. If we view these tactics of destruction and control with fear, not only do we give them power, we become susceptible to the consciousness that is being manipulated into lesser outcomes for species and planet. We must remember, it is we, Divine HUmans, who have the power. No destruction, no death, no negative outcome or lesser agendas have any power over us, unless that is the belief, the agenda, the consciousness we ascribe to. It is and has always been ours to make a conscious, free-will choice to move forward ~ more than ever we are being supported NOW, in this precious moment in all of Eternity, to welcome forth the Christed State Of Consciousness as it rises to a brand new level of being in our world.

I AM going higher and deeper into the New Feminine energies, Christed Solar energies as they continue to anchor onto and within our beautiful Mother. (Bella Mumbai) I AM continually discovering brand new mysteries in environments I have explored for over a dozen years. This is a unique and strong facet of 5D Earth, constant renewal, fresh frequency, new life. I captured a few moments for you here of breathtaking nature, massive living formations of sacred rock cliffs, waterfalls and dwelling places. The cave I discovered yesterday had sections where the ceiling was at least 5 feet high and three times as wide. I imagined and attuned my mind to ancient ceremony and deep wisdoms lingering therein. Things are happening quickly and will continue to do so this year ~ beckoning us out of comfortable habits of self and into more and more magnificence of Self! PAY ATTENTION! Follow the sound and go where you are led – no thought!

You are always with me in the mystery, always at my side in nature ~ absorbing the remembrance of a freer way to be in the world and discovering passages meant to seal up the experience of the denser planes ~ welcoming us permanently into worlds of wonder and Light.???DeAnne

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    Deeper & Deeper ~~~ Higher & Higher ~~~ Lighter & Lighter ~~~
    Aaaaaaahhhhhh……..Blessed BE✨?✨

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