Light Of My Soul


backbend catawba

Lift my heart to the SUN and I will shine with its beauty and light.

Blessings of JOY New Humans,

Words are becoming less tangible as a means to express the light intensity of this NOW. As this new energy seeps into our pores and activates in our crystalline being, it necessitates a deeper connection with the JOY of be-ing. The radiance of the inner Christ is shining out through the heart with the desire to know itSelf as a new Creation. There is a magnificence present in the natural world that is palpable as sound, color, lightwaves and captivating beauty. Indeed, with all the chaos and strangeness in the 3D zone, it is more important than ever to seize moments and capture experiences that allow us to connect with the positive and strong undercurrents of an ascending world.

The theme in dance church this morning was connection. As I danced and followed the wave of the music, I felt and saw this theme as an energy – and related it to the greater process underway for ascending humanity. We are being asked to draw everything inward, to the deep heart, to a new level of connection, within. Absorb the sun into your heart, tighten the spiral on the remaining separation around you and truly love all the humans you encounter, breathe Gaia inward, call the magnificence of who you are back to Self, take responsibility for your thoughts, your actions, your perceptions and belief and remember that ultimately, these and all things are born out of love. Connection happens when we recognize how truly interconnected all of life is, there is no connection without us, there is no us, without the connection we have to every little thing. WHAT A WONDER! Visualize this spiral moving with undulating waves from earth to galaxy and back, weaving telepathic threads of light, around you, within you, awakening, activating, actualizing multidimensionalizing your connection with all things, everywhere, in all of eternity.

I AM sharing the image above (tap to enlarge) and the music below as a buoyant foundation for the coming week ~ breathe in the subtle energies and invitation therein. The next 2 weeks are filled with the gifts of compounding eclipses, (New Moon Solar Eclipse 3/8, Equinox 3/19, Full Moon Eclipse 3/23!) a tremendous crescendo of opportunity to truly feel the Light of your Soul, in everything; to know the Self and release separation, heal the past, merge with the future, activate dormant gifts and empower your vision of the path ahead. If you are ready and believe, your dreams and prayers and intentions will be boosted beyond any previous capacity. Entering Aquarius empowers you to shapeshift into new form… what new form are you ready for, what dream is ready to come to fruition new human? With so much evidence of chaos in the outer reality, there really is so much positive. It is important to focus our minds and hearts on what is true and good in the world and not what is coming undone.

Please come and share in all this intensity of light and empower your intention and energy for the coming equinox on the next New Human Transmission ~ Sunday 3/13 11:11am

With A Full Heart and Deep Gratitude, WE ARE ONE~
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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3 comments on “Light Of My Soul
  1. Karen says:

    I AM beautiful, I AM bountiful, I AM Bliss/Radhe……I AM the Light of my Soul & I AM truly blessed & truly grateful for the abundance of this Infinite Source of Creation that I AM….shining & new……may I REceive & REspond with ever increasing Now awareness ….as ONE ✨?✨

  2. Kathleen says:

    Anchored in the stars we are grounded here in what is good and true as clear channels for grace, knowing all is coming forth benevolently in divine order, grateful for the simplicity of each breath. And grateful for you DeAnne ✨?✨

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