Opening To A Higher Love

Good Morning Light Tribe,

Gratitude for those of you who came and created space with me yesterday for a truly magnificent experience of transformational energies and presence in the current New Human webcast. At an hour and 59 minutes – it is clear how expansive and full the ascension energies are at this time. Again, THANK YOU, for the mirror you hold up that allows me to just let go and be transported by this new consciousness! It is a constantly new and immeasurably blessed experience that leaves me all kinds of HIGH! 🙂

The first thing I did after the show was head to the Shining Ones vortex – just to be in the stillness and abundance there, letting the Mother know how full my heart is. Two things occurred that I wanted to share… first, I found a completely transparent leaf in a mountain creek bed. There were many other leaves in the creek, but only one that was see through. It was so delicate and beautiful. I held my fingers under it in the water and could see them perfectly. I tried to bring it home, but the winds have been FIERCE here for the better part of a week and it was just too fragile to transport. Somehow, it felt really holy to me – like it was waiting for me – to “reflect” the transparency and light of the show… which of course, is a portal for the greater energies always. This leaf was a symbol of the thinning veils in our world and how we can see so much more now and so clearly. And yet, like the gossamer wings of the angelic ones, the substance and light of the new potentials is very refined and in need of our love and care as we remember how to interact with the new fields of Light.

After about an hour on the highest trails, Bodhi and I headed back down the spiraling dirt path along the creek. This has become my newest favorite trail 🙂 it is in the “new” feminine section and is utterly mystical and reverent with an abundance of elementals and water spirits. We had crossed back and forth over the creek several times as we followed the spiraling path, when I was stopped STILL in my tracks by the presence of a 20lb quartz! It was sitting ON the trail that I was on just days earlier, as if placed there for my discovery. Brilliant white quartz glazed with glistening silver facets and smokey quartz on the sides, this crystal radiated “new earth” and love. Solid, grounded, anchored in its presence of light, it reminded me what a gift it is to be awake and alive in this NOW!

While I was in the woods, the Shining Ones gave me a few follow-up prompts to the show. It is such a big transmission, I do recommend that you listen many times, either as a whole or in segments. It is always good to listen straight through at least once because the energies build in layers harmonically – and too, there are always surprises that drop in that will make a lot more sense if you are riding the wave from beginning to end.

A few additional thoughts on Kambo ~ what I would recommend based on personal experience with this teacher is that you forget about it for now ~ listen to the show, take in the energies and then release it to the field – don’t research or seek out a possible connection ~ wait for it to come back to you in an organic way, if at all ~ synchronistically…. I waited to say this NOW versus in the show to allow for your own impulse. There was a LOT of download and light intel in the show and yet the mind tends to want to GATHER MORE INFO. ~ Whereas if you just close your eyes, listen to the energy and allow time for that to integrate into your being, that intelligence will start to feed you intel according to the highest good in your process at this time…

Be Still And Know ~ it is not possible for you to miss out on anything ~ as I said in the show, your ascension is not personal, it is not ultimately in “your” (identity aspect) hands ~ it is a way bigger process that will always see to your highest good as you are STILL ~ out of mind and in trust, in receivership, in the moment and IN love.

Also, I was prompted in this transmission to extend the Walk The Path of Light Initiative as the next special offer. science-torusThis guidance coincided with the vast Torus Field of energy that was present from the start of the show… and when the Shining Ones were illumining the fractals of self being reflected in the planetary consciousness at this time and how now, more than ever, it is essential that we understand ourselves vibrationally and are strongly connected to a neutral mind. The Walk Path Initiative is an accountability piece in learning to see your Self and choices and relationships clearly and honestly. This service is a strong support system in the shift from 3D/4D to 5D/6D existence. You may read more about it here: This limited special offer is a 15% discount if you mail your energy exchanges in and a 10% discount if you go through pp on the website. I would love to work with you in support of beautiful life and new creations! ? Send me an email if you are interested:

For those of your interested, here is the link to the Gayatri Prayer and Mudra mentioned on the show:

Finally, the picture accompanying this post! I took this photo of a painting hanging in the cafe @ Jardin Del La Abundancia! As with all things surrounding this magical place, this painting has meaning and significance. It was gifted to Roberto by this mysterious woman who appeared in his life just after his vision that I shared with you on the show. I was immediately drown to it before I knew any details, just by virtue of the energy it contains. Notice that there is a star constellation map, the human depicted as a star at ONE with the liquid energy pulsing throughout the tree. There is a synergy between the human/tree and earth chakras, a DNA spiral/staff of life/serpent energy which all seem to be internalized from earth, through human and tree, into the heavens. I just love this photo so much (hey are there any artists out there who could do a representation for me? 😉 ) I don’t want to fill in all the blanks for you, just to share the possibilities for healing and wholeness and freedom and resurrection depicted in this immensely creative composite. What a gift! As is this NOW.

Again, big gratitude and BIG LOVE to the many beautiful Souls awakening and daring to BE, at this time. You are always in my heart and such a huge part of the Light that I AM. ? DeAnne

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  1. fitzcan says:

    I too feel deep resonance with that painting! I often stand with my back to trees and connect down into the earth and up into the cosmos…. it is almost an instinctive thing now. Love the constellation map that make up the tree buds! 🙂

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