The Wisdom Of Children

Sat Nam New HUmans,

I have a special treasure to share with you here. When in Tepoztlan~ I met an incredibly alive and aware family that among other ancient practices, lead sweat lodges for groups such as ours that come to do healing. In this beautiful family of 4, there are 2 precious lights in the guise of little girls who appeared to be 4 and 9 or 10. Both children are being raised in their power, to know who they are and their rightful place in the world. I AM sorry I do not have names, but the brief moments around a table I shared with this family and the manner in which both the little girls ran over to me to give me a hug… that is what stays with me. One day in the square the older of the 2 girls, who also leads sweat lodges, gave an impromptu “talk” and quickly drew a crowd via her energy and conviction. What a little powerhouse ~ I have a few minutes of her declaration to share with you here. She is definitely a reflection of the new children that have come to both remind the adults of the true path and also to open portals for the many children who are still being schooled in the old consciousness. I know many children personally who spend much of their time on some type of technology, surrounded by things, their imagination all but lost in the simulation and busyness. And yet, there is no judgement. What matters is the demonstration of CONSCIOUSNESS that is seeping through every culture and age, every generation and social class. The Light IS here and it IS expanding ~ be it streaming with clarity through the mind of a young one or the moment when 2 brothers agree to get off their Wii game and come build a city out of leggos with me. For me, just honoring the Light in this little girl you are about to experience in some way grows the capacity of Light in all children everywhere. The veils are thinning, the gaps are narrowing and the children will find their way, all of them, from the old grooves to a new echelon of being… and they will lead the way for us all! EnJOY ~ With Love ~?

part 1

part 2 cont.

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  1. joyfuljudy says:

    The children know and are leading the way.

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