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Good Morning Light Tribe,

I AM cruising down the road ~ from the land of the East where I reside full time, toward that of the West, to explore and deepen, discover and expand. This deepening and exploring. discovering and expanding which is a Universal theme right now, is related to the inner world as much as the outer. This is a time to explore the Self and deepen in that relationship ~ and it is also a time to explore the world around us, possibilities, connections, energies of new and old places, people you’ve not yet met but with whom connection is vibrationally inevitable. It is as if a giant gear is clutching and resetting and we, humanity, are mirroring this reset of energy with a similar reevaluation of our lives and choices.

I feel guidance, as well, that there is a Universal tone to the metaphor of “heading into the West” with the close of April. For those of you who are familiar with or have participated in a Sweat Lodge, the direction of the West is considered the most intense spot in the lodge, literally because is it opposite the door and metaphorically, because it is about darkness, facing your inner most shadows, hidden places and fears. Even though I have known for months I was going to the West Coast, it did not “dawn” on me the significance of this, energetically, until we got on the highway this morning. I actually felt what could be likened to a strong breeze (wave of energy) ripple through me just as I looked up and saw the second hawk in as many days, flying in the same direction as we drove… to the West.

Into the deep, facing old fears and meeting the Self a new, if we dare. That is what this reunion with the Christed Self is all about. It asks for tenacity and boldness, a sense of wonder about pretty much everything and absolutely NO WHINING. Rest assured, NO ONE knows what they are doing. This is deconstruction of Self 101. And the energy is not going to step down anytime soon. We are moving into Divine alignment ~ beyond anything we could have imagined or dared dream about. Spend some time with the Deep Rest And Integration post if you have not already done so. Our bodies and consciousness are revealing alignment or misalignment in each moment. Pay attention. Listen well to the intuitive body, I talked about how different the body’s consciousness is compared to the ego’s consciousness on the 4/10 webcast. Be there for your Self and do not hesitate to rest, move, anchor, or change your path completely when guidance comes… and it will. The question is, will you trust it? This part of the journey is as much bizarre as it is bliss and it is for each of us to be in spiritual maturity and mastery, walking into each day and experience with impeccable intention and conscious presence.

This time period since the Equinox has been about tremendous inner work ~ inner work that has been amplified in pretty much every facet of our lives. The truest essence of Life and frequencies of Divine Love have been working overtime lifting consciousness toward Light, giving so much assistance and support to all who are ready to wake up from the dream that is the material world. When you are conscious, you are no longer in the story of who you are but a greater Truth. Period. To be conscious is to be happy. No exceptions. Even as the outer world spins into so much chaos, (and we have known this darkness was coming) there is a clear path to freedom before you. As you walking fearlessly into your own freedom, no thought, no concern of consequence, you clear the way for others to be free.

This from the Shining Ones:

The strengths you have relied upon in the past are now becoming secondary if not obsolete in nature. You must take it deep into your being and heart’s wisdom that to live an utterly impeccable life requires first and foremost that you only be in this now (ie no more story) and that you then trust that the experience your own higher wisdom has drawn forth, is for you to see and be with, in love. In gratitude. In Joy. This will absolutely begin a transformation of your reality that will deliver you expeditiously to your next highest vibration of awareness and understanding ~ and to your familiars and support of intent. Trust what is before you ~ you are beings of unlimited potential, promise and untapped power. Listen to your heart and determine to liberate yourself from that which is no longer serving you. Even when you imagine in your mental theorizing that you do not know what to do or that you have not the courage to leap into the nothingness of an unknown reality… it is only in that leap, trusting the power of the heart to align with the intelligence of LIFE, that you will find the freedom that you seek. Your freedom from the known will reinstate the balance of power in the manifestation of your individual purpose and in your world.

Excerpt from The Shining Ones, Ambassadors Of A New Age of Light.

Onward we go New Humans, parting the veils of our own misunderstandings, our own fears, our own unconscious actions. In doing so and determining to live happy and free, we are doing more than we can imagine to build a new reality where others may live happy and free, as well.

DeAnne, the Hawk 😉  and the Shining Ones


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2 comments on “Conscious Life ~
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    As I’m learning to live an utterly impeccable life amazing things are happening. I’m not always successful in staying on the straight and narrow path but know that it has more to offer than any other path that I’ve chosen before.

    I hope “going out West” includes a visit close to where I live.

    Give Bodhi a hug for me.



  2. Karen says:

    With you on your journey West DeAnne……chuckling & nodding with knowing re the above Wisdom….allowing & letting go in the Power of NOW is my focal point STILL!

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