Dream Beautiful Dreams

Dream with butterflies

Good Morning New HUmans,

I AM immersed in a 4 day Obsidian Mirror/Ancestral clearing workshop in CA ~ I AM stunned at the clearing and opening underway in the field and the nameless, imageless new that is “appearing” on the horizon in the current ascension passage. A significant energetic shift settled in today, not unrelated to the passing of iconic musician, Prince. With it, a lightwave that extends through the beginning of May carrying more codes and energies to work with if you so choose. I AM a bit at a loss for words, though I feel very new intel churning deep within my being. The expression that keeps coming to me is:


This is not literal of course, but communicates volumes about what is here, in this NOW, for those ready for TRUE and LASTING and POWERFUL change. Play with the metaphor. Everything is different. The light within is shining brightly out onto a very different potential around us. Are you ready for that? Open your mind and heart and life as you know it, to your own higher levels of wisdom, love and service to activate your ascension contracts and commit your Self to active participation in and with the Mystery. This is the movement and fulfillment of the Divine New HUman. It is an intensely beautiful time to TRUST, SURRENDER, ALLOW and STEP INTO a new level of responsibility to the Self, our evolving world, our living planet and our greater family of Light. 

Stay tuned ~ I will be sharing as the windows present themselves ~ we are always together.

With the Love of Oneness ?

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4 comments on “Dream Beautiful Dreams
  1. Karen says:

    Tuning into the NEW…Ahhhhhhhhh….Oneness….Truly Beautiful….
    I picked an Angel oracle card whilst open to your post ~ I received ~ LUCID DREAMING = Awareness & Opportunities
    Many thanks….I dare to dream & awaken xxx

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    “Miaracle are falling from heaven….”
    I find it interesting that you wrote this because on the 23rd I had a lucid dream in which small round disks were falling from the sky which later turned into doves. I knew this was a positive event and was yelling to other people to look up into the sky. I said, “They are here!”


  3. beshelja says:

    i am struggling to do my normal day in and day out. i am in solitude, or recently in women wisdom circles.there are deep waves of grief coming up and many tears are falling out of me, loosening the soil as seeds are spilling onto it. i feel efforting in doing anything else, anything else except to breathe on Mother’s ground and listen to the water. working at my job is becoming quite an effort. i have no idea what comes next, i surrender. I AM. namaste deanne and all tribe xo

    • DeAnne says:

      I AM holding the Light high for you Judith ~ I sense the release of tears are related to a bigger release of life and known, identity and story. There is nothing to fear ~ allow this new, even if you “think” you are boxed in, the walls are illusion and there is nothing but wide open spaces waiting for you to say YES. This is not a time of sticking a toe in the water – this is a time of leaps that seem impossible to the ego but that the heart longs for. SHIFT YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM ~ you have grown past many facets in your current reality ~ trust the mystery, trust your Self, trust love.?

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