May Energies ~ Heart Expansion And Profound Trust

Sat Nam New Humans,

Take a deep breath and close your eyes until you feel and hear only stillness. Feel the activity of the Light all around and within you as we step into a new month of existence. One of the many beautiful gifts of spiritual life is the capacity to be in the muckety muck of a dense reality and yet, still, so connected to a Love that imbues peace, joy, happiness and wonder at the miracle and mystery of this experience we find ourselves in.

The energies ushering us into May ask that we open our hearts comparable to the expansion that is present in the field. Yes, Mastery takes on a new level of embodiment and freedom this month that will require great trust and the willingness to filter all experience through the infinite well of the heart. To feel the love within this ascension process is to determine that being happy is the default state of being. Remember, as New Humans, we are residing in a completely different vibrational reality than the defiant illusion of the denser reality. It is our responsibility in each moment to hold the light as an intention within and without in every moment of every scenario. If you have read and spent time with the previous post, The Miracle That Is Life, you have a clear vision of where the ascension energies will be concentrated in May.

April was a lot of upheaval within unprecedented movement and the appearance of new opportunities, new possibilities, new reflections of Self. Really pay attention this month for a growing sense of the Observer Self, a deepening in an acute awareness of Self. In the Observer, you are able to see the patterns you depend on within certain relationships and experiences and can then, discern whether that habit of self reflects one who is free and filled with Authenticity or one still hiding in the limitation of an old perception and belief.

With May, we enter a truly beautiful phase of emerging from our caves (protection, the small self, inhibited and self conscious) with the divine opportunity to reevaluate and redesign our lives to reflect a new sense of Self and level of consciousness. Indeed, we are in a very new atmosphere that promises to fully support the New Self, new possibilities, new dreams and much more deepening and invitation into Mystery. But we must be willing to BE the New Self and follow the opportunities that present themselves to us. I AM very aware that all the movement happening in my life is to support this alignment with the New Self in profound and powerful ways. Being away from home so much (and yes, this trip has revealed more travel in August and September), but being away from home really supports freedom from the known and the power to swiftly and deftly eliminate tethers to old constructs that no longer serve forward movement. Additionally, the days I spent in the Grand Canyon were such a magnified and very intimate experience with the Mystery of Life. Wherever you are or whatever your circumstance, May empowers redesigning one’s Self and life in a way that truly honors the new power and wisdom emerging in the New Human. The bigger you dream and the more you allow, the more expansive your opportunities and support in SHIFTING will be. It can be no other way.

Living in the NOW, residing solely on a foundation of trust, requires discipline in letting go of old beliefs, constructs, behaviors and attachments. Remember the beautiful gift and message from the duck encounter in the previous blog. With less than a week left before returning to Asheville, I have no idea what life will feel like with SO MUCH EXPANSIVE LIFE over the past few weeks. In holding space for this possibility, an important lesson this month is illuminated. You must trust and allow life to be supported unfolding in a very new way, one that you are not familiar with but you welcome and receive. Not knowing and moving without thought allows you to trust that all is manifesting as it should. Be aware of expectations and assumptions that recreate and hook you back into old experiences from the past. This brings in the integration piece of the ascension process. It is our individual and collective responsibility within the Ascension movement to embody and hold the higher frequencies we encounter and tap into within the ordinary moments of our transition. As New HUmans, we must be able to take the Light increasingly with us as conduits and creators of a new potential.

Today, May 1st, we were scheduled and looking forward to whitewater rafting in Colorado on the Animas river. I am pretty enchanted by the fact that we landed in a town surrounded by a river comprised of feminine energies, (Anima) another manifestation not calculated but so reflecting this beautiful now. But, as to the rafting, we woke up to freezing rain that eventually turned into a heavy, wet snow by our scheduled rafting time. The Colorado rafting company offered to take us if we still wanted to go ~ we were the only ones who even showed up! 🙂 I was totally willing but Jim is much more cold natured than I am and he promised we could go rafting when we get back to Asheville. So, I let go and shifted gears… we got hot cocoa and came back to the hotel to discover the movie Alice In Wonderland on the TV! It was the just uniquely powerful recent version with Johnny Depp – and we all snuggled with Bodhi in the warm hotel as the snow increased outdoors. Life is an ongoing experience of, “oh, this is what is happening now” – and there are always gifts and it is always perfect. If you haven’t seen this version or even if you have, I recommend revisiting. After all, everything is different in this NOW. I especially love the beginning, at least today. 🙂 There is so much that is relevant to our emergence as new hUmans, so much to support trusting our Selves and ability to wake up from the dream we know as life. Here are a few revelations from Alice I encourage you to take as your own:

“How can I be the wrong Alice when it is my dream?” So powerful – it emphasizes that whatever the experience before you, not only is it an illusion, you are the one in control. Alice has ongoing realization that it is she who defines her dream. If you no longer feel a connection to or like the “dream” you are in, you have the power to change it.

When she comes face to face with her fears, she keeps affirming,” it is only a dream” – when things get scary or seem too much she repeats, “it can’t hurt me, it is not real, this is a dream.” This was just so awesome and fantastical in the context of a NOW when we are all awakening from a dream we created from an unconscious state of awareness. If you find yourself still very much tethered to a reality that limits you – it is for you to keep reminding yourself that it is all illusion – that you are in control – that you are the director and creator and are always empowered to rewrite the script. Notice how defiant she is of convention and what is expected of her – how consistent she is in defining what is real and not real. She pauses when she finds her self in a precarious moment and tells herself to “breathe”~ stating, “I AM the one in control.” Additionally, she comes to the truly powerful awareness that what she is dreaming, what she is experiencing and afraid of and challenged by – she has lived before! She is remembering the dream within the dream within the dream – just like the movie Inception. As with the human experience and the premise of this movie, we are the dreamers, we dreamed everything we are experiencing into being – and we got so good at this dreaming and creating reality – we forgot how we did it! This is awakening at its best – this is the very definition of Divine Merge ~ remembering the steps we have taken before, across all time and space, and then using that awareness to create a new dream!  Alice is reminded by the White Queen that when she makes the ultimate decision to break the spell of what has come before, that she must step out on her own. This is the path of all warriors of the Light. The willingness to know our Self and trust our Self enough – to redesign a life that is true to the TRUTH of who we are.

And so it is, New Human… it is time to change the game, rewrite the story with a new hero, your Self! This means setting new rules for your Self. Examine how the patterns of the past create a negative belief that guides your life in the same direction over and over again. At this point in the “game” – many of us stand strong in the positive rules and rewrite of many beliefs we have embodied in this process. For now, it is really important to become honestly and deftly conscious of the negative rules that still tether you to the old game. Everything that is not Light, that is not Love and beauty, peace and Unity – is illusion. We don’t have to reside there any longer. This means, the next time you make plans to spend time with a difficult relative or tackling a task that was always challenging in the past, decide it can be different and then trust that it will be. Take Alice’s lead, “this is my dream, I get to define it any way I like.” The expectations that come from your mind are based on past experiences and the language of the past. There is no intellectual language for the future, as the future has not yet manifested. You are doing yourself a disservice by expecting the future to unfold in the same way as it has in the past. It is time to truly remember how beautiful life is and begin enjoying it. There is no greater gift you can give the Light from which you came then to fall in love with the true existence around you, grateful for the dream you have been dreaming, but in full recognition that it is time to wake up and dream a new existence into being.

With Love and Gratitude to all Warriors of the Light Everywhere!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones




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  1. JUDY WOLLAM says:

    I feel as if this was written just for me because things have been very intense.

    Loved the great pix.
    Such magnificents,


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