New Human Transmission Today

woman-moon_fDear New Human Tribe,

Big show and energetic attunement coming up today on DeAnne Live! Yes, it is a Full Moon Lunar eclipse that vibrationally represents the hoop we will jump through and out of regarding the massive energetic this month of April 2014. If you are ready, we will truly be different people as May 1st dawns.

This current transmission of The New Human will highlight some of the predominant influences of this current transit, but more than anything, DeAnne doing a show on the Full Moon means weaving the energies and impact of the Full Moon influences into the New Paradigm teachings for your personal and Collective benefit.

That being said, the transmissions from this moment forward will always follow the energies and be at random times to capture important transits. As a member of DeAnne Live you will then be able to listen any time and still receive the vibrational attunements of the LIVE broadcasts. In addition to ongoing new webcasts, you are also afforded access to meditations, music, videos, nature attunements, daily NEW DAY posts and the audio/ebook version of The Shining Ones, Ambassadors of a New Age of Light. Those of you who have already joined, GRATITUDE and have patience with me as I get everyone acclimated to what exactly we are doing. And we’re doing a lot! 🙂 A portal forum is coming soon to discuss diet, supplements, recipes and all things 5D upgrades, so stay tuned.

Take a moment and just hang out with the image above in preparing for the fullness of this incredible Grandmother Moon and transformational eclipse. Breathe into the beauty, the Light and wisdom of this moment.

“I AM that which looks back at me. I AM as vast as the stars I dwell beneath. My heart is the ocean and my mind the endless sky. I trust the Mystery of all that is unfolding and ask only that I remember my true place in that Mystery.”

The New Human Transmission on DeAnne Live. Tuesday, April 15th Eastern.
We welcome your presence.

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3 comments on “New Human Transmission Today
  1. OMFeet says:

    What an incredible moment we are in to be ALIVE!

  2. Nikki says:

    DeAnne you are SO awesome and I SO love you!!! It’s fantastic to hear you again…. it’s like everything is familiar but SO different. The energies you bring through are crystal clear and bright as the sun! So thankyou muchly!! 🙂

  3. DeAnne says:

    and it is equally awesome and fantastic to have you here Nikki! We are building something rare and precious and those called to join are as surely a part of that as flowers are a part of Spring! Gratitude for being here and sharing your beautiful light and supporting the intention of this New Paradigm teaching.

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