Summer Solstice In The Mountains

Good Morning Light Tribe,

I AM really psyched and honored to be creating space for empowered expansion during the upcoming Summer Solstice. This is a potent time to connect with the energies of nature and the mystic pathway of direct knowing. This will be a very active 2 days of exploring truly ancient shamanic practices that will assist you in connecting with direct experiences of expanded reality shift perceptions to activate your New Human expression in this Peak Of Light. Coming together in ceremony and intention during this pivotal Solstice Gateway supports the personal and collective power to generate positive change in our lives.

One day will be spent in a beautiful healing space in a nourishing environment, learning, remembering and practicing ancient Toltec dreaming techniques. Then on the Solstice itself, we will go to pristine nature to explore vortex energies and participate in activities to deepen your connection to the earth, develop your attentiveness skills and awaken new insights that support re-creation of your life in a frequency more aligned with your Soul. Transparency and Authenticity are the heart of the current Ascension movement.

And because this is a New Earth/5D/6D initiative – in addition to the primary objectives listed above – the template for “new relationships” based in balanced partnership and co-creation will be modeled as Jim and DeAnne collaborate in merging the expression of the divine masculine and the divine feminine! It will be a magical and transformative time for all.

You will find the flyer at the link below – or by simply tapping on the dancing butterfly found in the side bar of the website. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have. I encourage you to extend your visit in Asheville beyond this event – it is an absolutely exquisite time to be in the mountains. Book your reservation today – limited spaces available.

One Love,
DeAnne, Jim, Gaia and the Shining Ones

A Toltec Dreaming/New Earth Experiential Summer Solstice

Cathedral Rock Vortex – additional day of opportunity during Summer Solstice!




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