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Good Morning Light Tribe,

I hope everyone had a glorious, restful, contemplative and peaceful holiday weekend. I spent as much of it as possible active and outdoors, the weather was exceptional and this time of year in the mountains, characteristically breathtaking. I have a few things to share with you as we shift into a really powerful month this week.

First, I went to Dance Church this past Sunday – a truly blessed experience provided by the Asheville Movement Collective (AMC). I have shared before that the 90 minutes of music and dance is intentionally created in a “wave” – the selections in the mix starting out mellow and melodic, soft, peaceful and rather inward. Then as new pieces come in the music grows, expands, becoming really loud and celebratory, radical, allowing the dancers to explode with wild abandon, release, emotive expression – a fantastical opportunity to let go of inhibitions (ie – mind) and any other stuff that might be hanging on or stuck. The room is just free with chaotic order, free and genuine expression and raw authenticity. After the climax, the music begins its descent, coming off the giant wave, gradually slowing back down and tempering off to a peaceful, quiet space within which the whole room and every person becomes still. It is such a powerful gift to give the Self, the Spirit that so loves freedom and joy ~ a gift of no mind, community, unity and tribal love.

I think about and more importantly feel the light, the higher realms activity and presence when I AM there. It is easy to attune to the analogy between dancing the waves of the music in the room and riding the greater waves of energy enveloping our world in evolutionary change. Ebb and flow, at once small and fleeting movements that allow inward reflection and slow, nurturing breaths. And the next, grand, smashing, explosive waves that can at once distort reality or transform it completely. And throughout the many expressions of the movement is the ongoing opportunity to decide what we will keep and what we will release, what is nurturing and productive to our growth as a human be-ing and what clings and tethers our lives and our choices into perpetual states of do-ing.

What I can tell you for sure is that there is a lot of open space, without a lot in it, as we head into June… purposefully so! It is a wave that is pushing us far out from the shore that is our known reality, from the material and matter and things of the mind. If you have had experiences recently of old reappearing in your life via old thoughts, old habits, old scenarios of family and former relationships… it is the opportunity to view and understand your whole reality differently from a new and wiser perspective, a new and freer mind. From this new and chosen vantage point – you are empowered to make new choices about who you know yourself to be and the kind of life you desire; for your Self first, and for the greater world around you. June is time for courageous and authentic expression, daring to empower your true voice within all facets of relationship and in your creative expression in the world. The voice is one of the most powerful tools the physical body is empowered with- and June will be expansive with opportunity to use your voice ~ to move mountains and correct imbalances and be seen in a transparency few in the human race have known, thus far. This is a time like no other for humanity, a powerful place, indeed.

The greater mirror that is the love of existence is extending an invitation via the nothingness and undefined, to the new mind of an evolving world. Make conscious, empowered choices that reflect authenticity in the way you communicate within every facet of your life, choices that speak wisdom, compassion, understanding and love. It is time to let go – and be made new. Meditate on the energy of waves and feel them moving through your body, your mind, your life and your heart. Pay attention and work with the energy, as it loves and is here to support you in all things. If there is resistance, leave it be, stay fluid and in motion, dancing and in flow. Every good thing is on the horizon when viewed with an open heart and a free mind.

Stay tuned here tomorrow for an exceptional opportunity to free the mind and make peace with the past, heal your lineage and merge with the Earth Mother in a way that empowers both the Earth and human to be NEW!

Immense Love and Blessings to all the Warriors of One Light,
One Truth, One Love and One World,

DeAnne and the Shining Ones



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