Spirit Big, Spirit Strong ( A Summer Solstice In The Mountains)

20160426_174932Sat Nam New Humans,

There are many things I love about this picture, not the least of which is sharing it with you, my new human family. This was taken on the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Sedona, AZ. It was late afternoon and there were gale-force winds that were at once so cleansing and magical… and yet making it difficult to find a good footing or balance for any length of time. One of the reasons I love this shot is that I know what was going on in the reality around me, the instability of the moment. When I look at the photo now, I can still feel the devotion, determination, strength and grace really that filled me up even as the circumstance defied any kind of poise. hmmm sound familiar?

That brings me to the second point that makes this captured moment so relevant to where we are right now; in the evolutionary cycle, in the current ascension movement and in relation to the Summer Solstice Gateway coming up later this month. Yes, this is a time of the “strong winds” in our expansion to new and conscious life as a species. New energy demanding that we find a strong center, remaining balanced and in our innate beauty and strength, even as life pushes us around, seemingly from every direction. It is a true and incredibly powerful love – this force, altering everything about life as we know it and who we are in it. This new energy demands that we develop a new relationship with everything around us, known and unknown, including with energy itself and with our own power as creationary beings.

This is a time of a very new power emerging in our world, a power that no longer ascribes to dominance, control and manipulation for selfish and fearful gain. A power anchored in conscious expression, conscious action, conscious love. This moment in the evolutionary spiral of our world is about remembering and embracing that we came here genetically encoded to SHIFT from the mind (old paradigm) to our hearts ( a new human paradigm of consciousness and energy); from intellect and reason to wisdom and compassion for all things, at all times, in all ways. There is never not opportunity all around you to rise above and redesign the unconscious patterns in your personal and collective world. As long as we are in a body and living in a material world, we will be challenged to maintain our sense of joy and remain balanced, in harmony with true existence and the uniquely diverse family of humanity.

Later this month, on the Summer Solstice, you will have an opportunity to get clear about your life, be empowered in your identity as divine creator and inspired to make lasting and meaningful change.

Day one of this Gateway experience ( June 19th) will be spent indoors, learning exercises, postures and breathing techniques for developing your lucid dreaming skills. These ancient Aztec-Toltec-Mexicas initiations will teach you how to create waking reality from the dream world and join the physical and energetic bodies. You will have the opportunity to connect with your ancestors, recover energy from the past and heal unconscious patterns in your lineage. I have been working with these techniques since last Fall and feel passionate about both the process and the results! I know it is possible to not only live and dream consciously, but to die consciously, as well (can you imagine) – and in so doing, heal both the history of humanity and future worlds to come. Yes, you are that powerful and yes, this is where we are now in our evolution!

Day two of this Summer Solstice Gateway experience will be spent outdoors in vortex energies. We will work with the Earth’s Crystalline Grid System and the new feminine energies, learn nature rituals that will deepen your personal connection with the Earth Mother, Gaia and prepare the lightbody to better receive the Solar Energies activating the new DNA. I will be taking the group guided to partipate to the newest tiers of the divine feminine energies in local vortex and sacred areas. There will be deep immersion with the new feminine energies, you will learn such wisdom as the awareness that there is a directional flow unique to various nature areas that follows lei lines and vortex energy and is based in sacred geometry. Developing a relationship with nature based in heart consciousness forever changes your relationship with the natural world. The Earth is rebooting, there are new voices and races coming in to participate with the ascension process at this time. Blessed are we that recognize this and hold these opportunities sacred to join forces with the vibrational world.

Finally, what I want to extend through the energy of this photo is the light intel that there is a new posture emerging within the Divine New Human – one that allows us to feel brave and beautiful and strong and without limitation. We must allow every opportunity to come together in new ways, participating in new experiences that recognize our truest nature and help us remember how to shine. We are here at this time to shine, radiantly, fearless, transparently and powerfully. This is the truth of who we are.

With Love and In Honor of ALL the Warriors of Light standing Radiant in their Truth at this time!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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  1. beshelja says:

    The summer solstice sounds AUMAZING!!!!!!!! yassss!!! come on tribe, let’s love it up together!

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