Reunion, Unity, Love ~ Summer Solstice 2016

Namaste’ Beloved Light Tribe,

I have had so many levels of clearing this week, around me work, my closest relationships, including my relationship to my Self – I am getting SO much more intel about the care and maintenance of the Light Body which I will be sharing in the 5D Forum so stay tuned – for now, my focus and yours MUST be on the Equinox Gateway.

You are about to walk into an entirely next level of your life’s purpose! Align yourself with the people that can and will give you permission to be ok with what you are doing because it is essential at this time to find your tribe. Your tribe is waiting for you – they are so close to you in proximity and even closer vibrationally- no one can keep you from this reunion but you… the conscious thinking, egoic mind with reasons and excuses why you can’t do what and be where. YOU are in a really auspicious time right now – that is no accident – your Soul has seen to it that you arrived at an intersection of time and space where the very nature of existence is changing for our world, where consciousness and energy is shifting to allow for a new level of Unity, Oneness, Recognition and Power. Your most important work right now is to let YOUR voice be the voice of Truth, everywhere you go and with whomever you encounter.  Our Earth needs you now – YOU are carrying the torch – YOU are the teacher. In the near future, absolutely in our lifetime, duality and darkness will be diminished – but in this moment, in this unprecedented NOW – we are in a full on battle  – there are extremes manifesting in pretty much every facet of life as we know it in our world. Really pay attention to the energy and nature of duality over the next few days as you find your power spot for the Equinox Gate. Create a cinema in your minds eye and see clearly what is presenting loudly as the old paradigm ~ Hatred, Fear, Control, Misuse of Power, Manipulation, Anger, Rage, Exclusivity, Entitlement, Bigotry, Blind Ambition. Be a witness to who and what we have been while remaining neutral as an observer. And then, just as vividly and strongly see all the ways, especially over the last 3 1/2 years since the Divine Feminine Gateway of 12/21/12, witness with your energy and light the many ways the New Paradigm is expanding via demonstrations of Love and caring, outreach and networking, the election of a Black President and the nomination of a Female candidate. It is stunning and profound really the level of duality that is being pushed to the surface all over our globe within so many different systems of life – so that this humanity may witness from a new consciousness and make new choices about the world we want to live in. Everything is exactly as it should be – the Light is strong in our world and the energy of the “people” (which again, is Unity Consciousness) is gaining in powerful momentum.

There is great power in collective triggers such as this Solstice Gate – an opportunity for Souls to join together and enter a state of peace, of divine purpose, stillness, intention and love – at one time. The current redesign and reevaluation phase we find ourselves in in the current ascension passage takes participation, as does Unity Consciousness. This is why I created a space for coming together as a tribe for the Summer Solstice Gateway. It is within these amplified passages that groups of Souls are able to open channels for our Higher Realms to take command. Let us utilize our collective HUman Heart Grid for the acceleration of healing, clearing, empowerment and our embodiment of Unity Consciousness.

Please make your SELF a priority over the next few days, the Truth and Beauty and Light of who you Authentically are. Allow for the power of this magnificent force of reorganizing principle that is setting our current world to a new octave of existence. You are invited from wherever you are, to join the Light Tribe gathered here in Asheville over the next three days as we unify as One Heart in Divine Love. Your Higher, Christed Self will work through you, through us; just let the Presence take over during these windows: Sunday June 19th, 11am to 4pm, Monday June 20th, 8am to midafternoon and Tuesday June 21st, early morning to midafternoon – all eastern standard time. Connect with the HUman Heart Grid, Gaia’s crystalline core, the Crystalline Grid, SUN, and Great Central Sun and of course, the Shining Ones. Be outside on Gaia as much as possible with your crystals, especially so on the Monday for the Solstice. There is a strong amplification of quartz and rose quartz and lemurian crystals for this gateway so all of these will be incorporated while working with the crystalline Grid here in several vortexes Monday and Tuesday. Stillness is Golden; focus on Pure Source embodiment, and/or use the guided New HUman meditations from the last 3 webcasts; Stillness Meditation, Honoring The Ancestors, ( each found here: New Self Chakra Balancing Meditation ( found in the last webcast.

Inhale Peace, Exhale JOY New Humans ~ this is our time, may we be active in our ability to transform lives and worlds. May we unite in peace with the intention to assist all beings embracing Unity/Christ Consciousness and love unconditionally those choosing a different path.

One Love Always, All Ways,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

As I head into the Mystery of the next few days I leave you with the beauty of our Earth. I went up to the pinnacle of the Cathedral Rock Vortex last week to prepare for the coming days activities… the mountain scenes are views from that pinnacle. The last photo is a visual expression of the Mother’s Love. I placed this heart rock in the center of this vortex of trees just outside my cabin about a year ago. I recently thought I might relocate it and discovered the trees have grown around that heart, tightening their grasp as if to say, “you are a part of us now, we are your new tribe and we will never let you go.” As I stood back and just really felt this promise of Love from the Earth – the Sun came through the trees and lit that heart up with golden light. sigh ~ This is my wish for all of you this Summer Solstice Gateway ~ that you will find your true tribe and know the immeasurable gift of this reunion, this Unity, this Love. ?

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