New Energy

Good Morning Light Tribe,

As we head into this final week of possibly the most powerful month on our planet thus far, I have a few energy shots to share with you from the Solstice passage. You will find the altar from the Lucid Dreaming teachings, images from Cathedral Rock Vortex and the very new masculine quadrant in the Shining Ones Vortex – as well as an image of Mary Magdalene who recently assumed her rightful role as an Apostle of the Christ! BIG STUFF ~ Massive Shift and Portal of Light. Life is very different and we are very blessed and loved, indeed!

* click on photos to enlarge.

(pussy willow, owl, turkey, obsidian mirror, ganesha, palo santo, black copal, rattlesnake powder, rose and clear quartz – later to create grid @ Cathedral Rock)
20160619_11195720160621_10035920160621_11344620160621_10212020160625_092050-e1466973568388-576x102413501785_10206699434513479_5752281676200732555_nMay we rejoice in these times ~
may we stand in reverence before each new moment
recognizing Divine Love, in all its many facets, as it expands in our world.


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One comment on “New Energy
  1. beshelja says:

    recognizing divine love, as you, as me, as bodhi, as…us all. thank you for posting these!!! love love love

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