How Big Can You Dream?

20160706_143915Blessings Beautiful Beings,

The floodgates of this new energy, new light, feminine wisdom have been released BIG time ~ this is a time of higher consciousness alignment, when new and powerful tribes will be forming that will support your greater vision and the shift into the next level of your service. Intuitive capacities have been greatly bumped up such that you may actually see what is heading right toward you and how this seemingly new piece, person, alignment, experience etc was always destined to intersect with your highest intention and where you are currently vibrating . A very magical, pure energy is driving this next level of Soul purpose and fulfillment. This is an essential awareness to hold close to your mind and heart because there is a simultaneous movement of ascending and descending spiral available to and influencing your reality in each moment, as constant as your breath. The magnetics are equally strong, depending on where you focus your mind and thus, your energy. Remind your Self daily and many times throughout that everything is different, because it is.

It is your responsibility as a New HUman to keep moving with the energy that is here now ~ allow the details of your life to transform. Remember the duality spiral mentioned above and that we worked with in the current (7/3) New HUman transmission? It is all too easy to stay in the old grooves that are supported by the conditioning of a controlled reality. A question to ask yourself with deep introspection and heart consciousness is, ” Am I afraid of freedom?” After this powerful and expansive July 4th energetic just past – new insights and deeper understandings about our identity and power are coming to Light, which has everything to do with how free you believe yourself to be. I am not talking about the limited, controlled, experience that we have been sold as freedom in the 3D Zone. I am talking about authentic, soul based, heart centered freedom! As a sovereign being, your freedom is inherent in who and what you are, as is the energy of joy. Ultimately freedom is a choice. Being born into a system that is more about control than it is freedom, true freedom can feel terrifying! However, that’s what this whole ascension movement is about. Liberation and Freedom.  The ability to think for yourself and make spirit based decisions on your highest and most effective role as a conduit of the Light, of a New Day, a New Earth Experience and Future for this world. We must be willing to ask ourselves the tough questions about where in our lives we unwittingly and automatically give away our freedom to systems of control. And a lot of that resistance comes from our own doubt in the dream we came to awaken!

The heart and soul of July is all about transformation! And the duality spiral is just as present in this potential as that of freedom and the movement of ascending and descending magnetics! This radical change can manifest as fear, amped up emotions, attachments showing you where you are getting in your own way of change… as well as tremendous waves of love, compassion, confidence, faith in who you are and very real glimpses of the new life that has always been on its way to you.

Now that we have come through the Solstice Gate and are newly positioned to begin receiving the influences of the Equinox Gate in a couple of months, our greatest work and responsibility is anchoring this transformation with trust, allowing, vision and LOVE. We will work more with this transformation energy and the beautiful ways it is manifesting on earth and in our lives on the next New Human transmission later this month, so stay tuned for that. For the moment, breathe into the crystal love emanating from the sun as depicted in the image above. See it coming directly into your crown, following the light channel of your central column and amplifying the wisdom, beauty, sovereignty and love of your own crystalline heart. Then see that amplification continue down through your central column and into the Earth Mother, joining forces and power, compassion and wisdom with the planet’s crystalline heart, Gaia’s Love for all living things. And most especially, her love for you, the promise of a new future.

Take care of your Self, find new ways to fall in love with who you are and the journey you have taken to arrive in this most incredible now. Now is the time to really step up everything you know about energy, frequency and vibration. Energy = Energy, so focus on what you love, not what you fear. Increase your time in New Human disciplines that nurture what is expanding in you; Create! Be with the Earth in new ways! Find new devotion around meditation and stillness! Get moving daily. Rest deeply daily. Develop a new relationship with TIME. Spend more time with humans that SEE you and less with those that drain you. Work with Sound and Crystals. Refine your diet MORE – the Shining Ones told me recently I was healthier than 95% of the population – which sounds really amazing. I know they were considering whole beingness, as in body, mind and spirit. But what they then expounded upon is that that 5% variable for improvement needs my undivided attention and care because the new energies will demand much from our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. Refine Refine Refine. Spend time in the 5D Forum, feel free to submit any questions around diet and self care to the blog or forum page. I AM sure there is more, but that should keep you busy! 🙂 Remember, NEW LIFESTYLE, new devotion, BE the ascending spiral that is all around and within you, calling you to NEW life.

With Tremendous Love and Deep Gratitude to the whole of Existence.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones   

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