Balance, Equilibrium, Stability

Hello Beloved Tribe,

We find ourselves in the most exquisite of moments ~ powerfully poised between this poignant merge of the lower and higher selves. As we settle into the new rhythm established by the Summer Solstice Wave of 2016, we are finding new ways to adjust, adapt and breathe as the new light present communicates from the deep heart of a newly emerging existence. I find myself stopping often, even in the middle of a bike ride, to be still, listen and feel, developing a new relationship with the reality around me. It is almost as if the nothingness, the mystery is calling us out of the known more frequently and demanding that we attune, become one with this “something other”, this palpable peace where the New Self is finding a new footing.

This is the adjustment and regroup energetic you will want to really watch for and pay attention to. I was sitting on a bridge overlooking the Swannanoa River the other day – midway through a 12 mile bike ride, and even though I was so present and the colors so vivid and the sounds of the natural world so amplified ~ there was not a thought in my head. And for a long period of time. It was very surreal. It was very much as if I was in a moment, a dimensional space where the mind didn’t reside or even have a place. I really encourage you to bring awareness to this call into still moments… much can and will happen to support the new direction in your lives and purpose. We are learning to reside in a very new atmosphere where our highest path, highest joy and highest integrity become the only and obvious choice.

Spending time with and communing with nature continues to be a powerful ally in finding stability, strengthening your balance and empowering the perception of Higher Self. As you focus on deepening your connection to Gaia and the vibrational world, you will move closer and closer to a permanent shift to Higher Consciousness; the Solar Cosmic Christed state of our Higher levels. Bonding with her, is bonding with the true Self. I AM feeling this new gravity, this magnetic pull everyday, that I understand as Gaia’s heart, the Earth’s Core, speaking directly to my heart center. The Shining Ones affirm that the more we trust our heart and the intelligence there, we are given a new compass for our journey here. This compass, through stillness, no mind, no emotion and profound trust will dramatically shift the power in our lives from the pull of the old Self and agendas, to the ease and grace of the True Self, of Christ Consciousness.

I was called out to the East Fork River yesterday ~ the direction of new beginnings, dawn, when life awakens from the sleep of night. I found my Self suspended in timelessness on the river creating Cairns, balancing rocks, suspended in grace, no mind, yet a rhythm in tune with the movement and love of the Universe. Know that any time and in whatever manner you practice balance in your physical reality, you are communicating balance, a strong center and clear perceptions to the greater field of energy to which you belong. Doing so in nature, amplifies this intention of synergy between the physical and energetic being. Walking on fallen logs, standing on one leg, crossing on rocks from one side of a stream to another, use your imagination and follow the energy. I captured some timeless moments from the river and my cairns to share with you here… may you be filled with the crystalline vibration present and may your intention be to align with the higher dimensional expression of Gaia.

I AM grateful for this mystery, this new energy, this new rhythm and harmony that just seems to be everywhere extending ever deepening invitation to wonder. May it bless you and call you home ~

Much Love,

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2 comments on “Balance, Equilibrium, Stability
  1. cyndy says:

    I AM grateful for you, DeAnne . these New Day transmissions are so vibrant and nourishing. Finding this a time requiring such profound trust. your sharing, and the transmission, is so affirming.

    thank you.
    many blessings and love

    • DeAnne says:

      You too are a blessing Cyndy – know that. It is not possible to be seen without someone to see you ~ equally so, the light and ancient wisdoms are here to co-create with a new hUmanity because heart’s such as yours are trusting and remembering. Gratitude for seeing me and supporting the energies here, I SEE YOU TOO! ??✨??

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