Full Moon ~ Awakening The Dream

30827_1443412887934_2015583_nI had a dream this Full Moon of a white eagle…. guiding me through the passageways of the inner earth, up and out of the center of the planet with a burst of white light. Gaia, radiant and brand new!

This is a Capricorn Full Moon is super charged with positive energy promoting change and freedom! (July 19th ~ 6:56pm ET) It is a time to join energetically with the earth to ground and anchor new truth, new intentions, new resolutions, new relationships and new ideas!

Yesterday, I was high up on Sky Portal Vortex with Jim and Bodhi when an Eagle appeared and soared on the thermals out ahead of our journey. This vortex provides a vast mirror for the Authentic Self and stimulates the remembrance that one can step backward or forward through time to access other time lines and gather a new center and power of Self as a doorway to Divine Purpose.

It is so wondrous to witness the collapsing worlds and SEE the many ways that Oneness speaks to us as we follow the mystery into new LIFE! This Full Moon brings with it a beautiful new frequency of energy that invites us to play in the higher emotional heart center.?

Here are a few things you can do during this Full Moon to capture its essence and gifts:

*Take action on your plans ~ turn your dreams into a tangible reality!
*Try something that failed, again ~ give yourself another chance for a more successful result.
*Set a new goal ~ adjust your goals and try a new approach to reaching them. Look for a climax, a culmination of what you’ve imagined and worked toward.
*Celebrate with friends/tribe/new family ~ be in the exuberance of those who truly see you.

Focus your intention on any one or all of these activities and you will be supported by this
uniquely special Full Moon!

Thank you to the Golden Eagle for sharing your majesty with me ~ and love to you all!
My heart is quite full! ♥♥♥

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One comment on “Full Moon ~ Awakening The Dream
  1. Kathleen says:

    As we realize love permeating
    All of creation, we are free to
    Live the magical life, open to
    Allowing the pure flow of cosmic
    Expression to flow through us.

    Love to you DeAnne!

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