Endings And Beginnings

you are no more or no less than

Blessings Light Tribe,

Just touching in with you to share energy and a hug when so much of our world seems to spiral ever deeper into disrepair and destruction. At a glance, the pain and sorrow seem unbearable. How could any of this nonsensical violence, brutal acts carried out by humans against humans, be anything other than pure evil and the darkest of darkness? Where is the Light? Is there really any “shift” happening and why must so many suffer before we “get it right”?

What I can share with you from a full heart and my own deepening experience with the Divine ~ is that the bandwidth of Light on our planet is expanding and this is allowing for a new relationship with the Light ~ which is a new relationship with our Selves, our truest nature and the remembrance of why we are here at this time. Stop for a moment here and read the meme above. § Yes, everything you have been and experienced in this incarnation has been an integral part of the destiny you have always been aligned with. There is nothing good or bad, more worthy or unworthy about the various facets and aspects of your identity ~ it has all been a part of your becoming ~ of you returning to wholeness. Equally so, ALL that we are witnessing on the world stage at this time in our history ~ it is all integral in reflecting that which seeks resolution as this species evolves into a new order of being.

There is this exquisite new level of awareness communicating with the high mind and hearts of certain among this humanity ~ And if we trust and allow this awareness to merge with the divine human within, we will effectively, confidently and strongly step into roles that have always been ours to contribute at this time. SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL is happening… SO MUCH is here NOW ~ right alongside the devastation and atrocious acts against humanity. This is not a time for doubt or joining in the propaganda around terrorism and FEAR. This is a time to pour yourself into the energies of reunion, creation, service, I-MAGI-NATION and Love. Existence is so very different in this NOW ~ the Earth is different, the vibrational world is different, frequency, Light, the Sun, the animal kingdoms – the flora and the fauna, the rain, your cells, your mind and your heart, all essentially and necessarily so, different! You are ONE who is remembering, you are aware you did not come here to witness decline but to be part of a resurrection!

Light a candle and shine your heart-light out into the world around you when there are demonstrations of hatred and fear ~ and acknowledge the something that seeks resolution in our world. Breathe in remembrance, breathe out peace. Focus your energies not on the act of discarding that which is less than ~ rather use your power as an evolving Soul to uplift and integrate the ALL of what we know as life into a higher potential of Existence.

One Love, Light Of Truth ~





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4 comments on “Endings And Beginnings
  1. JEH says:

    From a thankful heart, DeAnne, for your words!

  2. Betty Ann Honeycutt says:

    You are such a dear, Deanne. You stir my soul and warm my heart. Thank you for blessing my life. So often you encourage me to look within and know the answers are there. Bless you.

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude to the beautiful beings that support this intention and recognize the love and unity here… we are all mirrors for one another ~ reflecting what is good and true and possible for the whole of the human family! I AM blessed to support you and honored to hold the light high for your personal and collective journey – always. We are ONE.???

  3. Joyful Judy says:

    All is in Divine Order.

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