Fierce Waves, Anchoring A New Grid!

20160705_110910Good Morning Light Tribe,

If you are already feeling the significant shift in energy from July to August, it has everything to do with the approach of the September wave! I took a gentleman out for a half day vortex yesterday. After opening the gates of this vortex and offering both an intention and our hearts, he kept pausing every 10 minutes or so saying, WHAT IS THAT? As in, the new frequencies that are typically only experienced by the higher realities! It is and will continue to be increasingly effortless to feel and see and hear these new frequencies. Gaia, the Earth Mother is singing us home.

As we talked about in the current New Human Transmission (July 31st) realities are based on bandwidth of vibration. Needless to say, the bandwidth of our planet and our own lightbody energy fields, is increasing. We are being magnetically pulled into experiences that both challenge where we are tethered to old story, while activating deep remembrances, spiritual contracts and sacred reunions of Souls~

I shared the story of finding a red shouldered hawk wing and a conch shell deep in the mystery of the forest earlier this month. Suffice it to say, guidance for you, for me, for everyone seeking to know their truest place and role in the deepening of our world, is present everywhere and strong. One of the greatest deficits to connecting to and acting on that guidance is the belief that there is something that is not already perfect in the scenario around us. We have been so conditioned to looking outside of ourselves, seeking what we don’t yet remember and waiting for the perfect moment to begin ~ that we miss a lot of the wisdom and connection and love that is already present and working with us in each moment.

Shifts and reunions, new creations and ancient promises are happening at a quickening rate now. Let the lower vibration of what is playing out in the denser reality have its experience ~ and determine to see everything manifesting and everyone appearing in your reality as LOVE. We are mapping unchartered territory as divine new humans, coming together in new ways for new purposes toward a new and very different future. Back to the gift of the hawk wing and conch shell and the combined message they convery:

The ancients are calling us home ~ home is so much bigger than the fear and contraction being played out in the 3rd dimensional world. This is a time of awakening to a greater vision, higher levels of consciousness and a more creative and necessary life purpose. Surrender the details, allow what is, expand to focus on the bigger picture and work hard to realize your Self, your power, your connection to others and the remembrance of why you are here at this time. Hint: the “working hard” is effortless when you trust and allow what is appearing and follow the energy, follow your heart and let go of attachment to what has been. It really is about one pointed focus and devotion.

Your mission this first week of August, should you choose to accept it 😎 , is to dare to see the light in the eyes of everyone you encounter. If only for a moment, pause internally when greeting another and recognize the deeper purpose and meaning of the encounter. Unity is KEY in Unity Consciousness. More and more, we will need each other in this phase. Expect a miracle, trust the something wonderful that is happening and then LET GO. This is the invitation of the True Self. Trust your heart as it merges with the Christed state of Consciousness. And breathe!

As we head into the deep of August, know that everything under the sun is being prepared for the September Wave/Fall Equinox Gate. Recognize that you are stepping away from yet another level of the old reality with this passage. As you do so, the old programs of second guessing, questioning and skepticism will dissolve into the wonder and peace of the diamond heart. Yes, just as we learned recently about the diamond heart of the earth, ( July 31, webcast) we too, in divine human bodies, have a diamond heart that is awakening and pointing us toward a new day as a species and world. As the crazy and inhumane demonstrate so forcefully on the world stage, remind yourself that our planet is moving into a new solar system. This phenomenon coincides with a Universal rewrite ~ photonic light is dissolving old bandwidths that no longer serve the greater good.

We will explore this new phase of crystalline transformation, its effects on the mind, body and spirit of the Divine, New Human on the next New Human webcast later this month. Stay tuned for that. For now, deepen, trust your heart, allow the Light to pour in and take time nightly to check in with your guides and higher realms connections, intending to review and remember and make adjustments in dreamtime. Stay positive, nurture what brings you joy, focus on what is right, accept all of creation and follow the energies toward the new realities of love that are manifesting now. WOW. ♥

With Love,

Moving Into The High Heart – July 31st New Human Transmission:

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      You ARE connected in community with the tribe Vivian ~ we are all mirrors of remembrance for one another and I AM grateful for you also ?

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