The Stirring Deep Within ~

Great Smoky Mountains

Blessings Light Tribe,

I got on my bike today and headed East, into the morning sun ~ the direction of NEW and BEGINNINGS and PROMISE. There was a starting point to this ride, but I had no idea how far I would go or what turns and side roads and valleys I would take. I just knew I needed wide open spaces with nothing limiting or defining my experience. The above captured moment is about half way through a 2 hour ride into mystery and open country.

This was the call of my spirit ~ this was the “something I could do” in response to the very unsettled, intense, squirmy container of the known reality. We are being enveloped by incredibly vast spaces which can leave the ego consciousness antsy, uncertain and restless. Cellular memory and Crystalline DNA (the internal being) is communicating FREEDOM in response to these new, higher frequencies. Consequently, any and all thoughts, feelings, emotions, belief and experiences that make you feel contained or STUCK, will feel like pressure building all around you. Observe everything that you are experiencing without attachment, without judgement. We are shifting to a different operating and response system, a higher intelligence that will continue to allow for new and greater information to come in, everyday. There is nothing for you to “make happen”, nothing that will happen without you…the Light of the Universe knows your heart. Trust that. Trust your Self. Trust where we are now. Trust what is unfolding and beginning to grow in the mystery around you.

Divine Merge is underway ~ this will leave you feeling lonely at times and longing for community ~ ancient memories are stirring deep within. You are exactly where you need to be ~ now is about developing a more astute level of Self and stillness – listening to what your spirit needs, taking care of your body, mind and spirit first, in new ways. The intensity will not let up any time soon, it is about being open and creative, loving and fierce in allowing for the space Divine you needs to restore balance and return to center as the world around us shapeshifts into new beingness.

As I rode with the wind and the mountains, under a blue sky and blazing sun today ~ the following peace filled my being and stilled my mind:

This is where I live, this is where I love, this is where I know sorrow, this is where I know joy, this is where I experience challenge, this is where I experience bliss … this is home, the frequency of my heart♥

May you continue to follow the energy and trust your heart and awaken to the truth of an Existence that is always working on behalf of your highest good.

Love and ONLY Love,



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