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It has been a pretty profound couple of days. I have had a few extreme encounters with surrender that only the Universe, in all its love and wisdom, could have orchestrated. Additionally, phenomenon such as very close up hawk sitings and multiple number sequences in a day have increased exponentially. All the while, I seemingly have an unlimited amount of energy and yet feel as if everything has been drained out of me. And this is not so much an oxymoron as a reflection of a truly quantum and incredibly important energy upgrade that is underway if we are to actualize the greater spaces of Light and manifestation in potential. We must  create more space in our lives and body, mind and emotions for the vast nothingness to come into. The ascension process is just that, we are to ascend, rise above everything that we perceive as loss, that we hold onto as ideals, that we cling to in need… empty empty empty ourselves out. This is the shift from a 3rd dimensional reality to the vibrational capacities of 5th World; the movement from doing to being, from controlling to allowing, from existing to truly living.

No matter what your personal experience is out-picturing in the details, you are being asked to make room; in your mind, in your emotions, your heart and dreams and expectation, for a possibility that lies just outside your current vibration and reach. Can you trust that? All week, I have been hearing and more importantly feeling from everywhere and no where at once, Harness The Light. Take a moment here and allow a visual to come. What does that mean, what would it look like to harness the Light in your world? In truth, the Light cannot be contained. But it is possible and even critical at this point in our expansion and evolution to prepare vessels capable of carrying that Light forward into future creations. So that the future becomes that Light.

Basically, to ride with the current wave of evolutionary potential, we must give everything we have and know to the Light and be completely unattached to the outcome. Be very clear on your intentions. State your intentions daily and often. Be mindful of your dominant desires and spiritual intention within every choice and conversation and emotion you expend. And keep energy flowing toward those intentions. This is so very important. In the current New Human Transmission we were all encouraged to reaffirm our vows to the Universe – to become more deeply acquainted with what it is to live a committed life.

The Light is here and IT seeks a greater expression in your devotion to the time you have here on the Earth plane. What one thing can you do today to make more room for this evolutionary energy of Creation?

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2 comments on “Harnessing Light
  1. Nikki says:

    Hi DeAnne,
    wow, I hear you about the energies of the last few days… I have been having issues around my solar plexus/power centre area, nausea, pain and uncomfortablity. I have been breathing through it and that seemed to dissipate the energy build up….then while meditating it came to me i need to DO SOMETHING WITH THE ENERGY! a-ha! so I then commenced grounding the energy into the earth. Better, but not quite enough. So I next meditation I connect with the earth, with the sun, with the galactic centre, and myself and I send energy to earth and all people all over the world and solar system, galaxy……and well this totally unplugged me!!!! Whoa what a ride…and i now realise that after Harnessing the Light I need to disperse/share that light/love to all of creation and then stay in the flow thru breath….
    Love n Light all ways

  2. DeAnne says:

    you really summed it up in the last sentence Nikki – it is not enough to work with the energy inside of us and in isolation – it is time to shine it outward and put it/our lives into service. Often times these resistances and stuck energy come in response to areas in our life there is not flow and joy and meaningful purpose. We must all be consciously exploring what expanded life looks like and simplifying our realities around that expansion! <3

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