Fall Equinox, Remembering A Greater Truth

600_213924192The crescendo has been steadily strong and true ~ calling the tribe of a new humanity to higher possibilities and alignment with divine destiny. In the stillness of this compelling shift, we can feel the power of an incredibly fortuitous completion and opening, a simultaneous doorway of choice to leave the polarization behind and embrace the transparency of a New Day. Coming on the heels of an eclipse, this Equinox Gate invites lightworkers and seekers alike, to stand in a new level of integrity and Truth ~ recognizing who you are and embracing the desire to extend that knowing into a new creation of LIFE!

As the transparency anchors more fully into our world, we are remembering greater Truths ~ that we are naturally creative, abundant, joyful beings here to collaborate and join in thriving community with one another. Whatever you have reached for, longed for and felt deeply about the spiritual nature of this existence, know that the distance between you and mystical life closes in with your ability to shift your consciousness from limited to abundant awareness. Your truest nature is abundance, which mirrors the true nature of reality. Set a strong intention this Fall Equinox, create a sacred space, either individually or in community, to open to the fullness, the wisdom, the generosity, the peace and the love of this NOW. It is harvest time, new humans! Stand on the Earth, pull the heavens to your heart and get very clear on what you have come to hone and polish at this time.

Om Shanti,

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2 comments on “Fall Equinox, Remembering A Greater Truth
  1. Denise Wilson says:

    So beautifully,eloquently, and simply stated. You are such an amazing guiding light for humanity and I am so grateful for you. Now, off I go to start honing and polishing.

    • DeAnne says:

      ??ಌॐಌ GRATITUDE Denise ~ for taking the time to share and for your kind and generous words. True existence is not complicated ~ in simplicity, in wonder, genuineness and joy ~ we find eternity! MUCH love to you! DeAnne

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