She Carries Me, Divine Love = Divine Gift

Dedicated to a planet that graciously mirrors both our sorrow and our joy ~ that reflects the pain of our separation and the beauty of our wholeness. The Earth is our Mother, provider and protector, nurturer and teacher of the way.

As many of you know, I have been called to many travels this year to do grid work with various vortexes around the globe, opening portals of reunion between ancient wisdoms and new earth frequencies. In honor of the Divine Feminine wisdom that is returning, bringing balance and healing to ourselves and our Earth, I have gathered Earth moments from the West and East of our beautiful planet ~ reflecting the Divine Merge, holy reunion between Lemurian and Atlantean mysteries and gifts deeply seeded for an evolving world. Gaia is continually releasing codes through the new grid systems which are palpable and Solar-crystalline nature. Her True Nature is peaking through the veils, all of nature taking on a new radiance of light, color and sound as we take time to listen, to feel and be with her wisdom.

What I have learned from the Earth and the Ancients in my deepening with her, is that every human being has a Galactic Earth Coordinate that is attuned to their highest vibrational potential; there are places within her Light Body Merkabah uniquely aligned with your Light Body Merkabah and Soul Signature! Once you are attuned to that inner harmonic, your path will greatly accelerate in synchronicities and Guidance to get you on purpose and in your power.

This song opens deep remembrances of our true nature ~ opening the heart to the places on this planet that honor and awaken our own innate wisdom, compassion and joy. Asheville has carried me to the life of my Authentic Self ~ the Great Mother called me here when I was ready to own the Truth of who I AM and to BE that Truth in all the facets of my life.

We must go higher and deeper in our devotion to this planet and her sentient beings ~ there is an undeniable reboot underway, a divine redesign from the inside out, revealing new potentials, new skills to empower our ability to heal, to serve, to remember and to Love within all facets of our lives. Rest in the unknown new humans, surrender to the fluid nature of this movement to a very new relationship with Self, one another, reality as we know it and existence itself! The level of Light here now is a Divine gift to HUmanity – all in preparation to receive much higher levels of Solar Light. If nothing else feels real or certain, stable or known, know this ~ you are loved beyond measure and have anticipated this divine shift for many, many lifetimes. We are incredibly empowered as an Ascending Tribe of new humans to step into brand-new experiences with JOY and REUNION, SELF MASTERY and LOVE.

May you remember your wholeness, that we may heal ourselves and the world.

She Carries Me by Jennifer Berezan

From Mount Shasta, CA to Asheville, NC… one big beautiful world!




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4 comments on “She Carries Me, Divine Love = Divine Gift
  1. Georgina says:

    How profoundly blessed we are to have your energy to assist us DeAnne. You are an open vessel of consciousness and your wisdom, innate understanding and precious sensitivity are a gift to all life in this dimension (and I suspect all other dimensions as well). Thank you for being here. Love and Light ALWAYS, Georgina

    • DeAnne says:

      Seldom am I without words ~ but this would be one of those moments Georgina. What a gift you have given me and I AM full to over flowing for your sincere and heartfelt sharing. I will carry this in my heart ALWAYS ~ All Ways! Gratitude and Love ?

  2. Karen says:

    I concur Georgina, with the utmost reverence & joy. How precious is this/my lifetime with a wayshower, such as you DeAnne, bringing in bountiful Mother Earth Love & Light & Galactic Wisdom to help us REunite & REmember. I Am truly blessed & truly grateful for your poignant posts to soothe my mind & heal my heart. Much Love <3 ((((((((+)))))))) <3

    • DeAnne says:

      ? BIG LOVE and a HUG to you Karen ~ I always feel the warmth of your Spirit when you stop by ~ I AM sure it blesses everyone!?

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