October ~ A New Awareness

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Good Morning Light Tribe,

Take a moment to consciously breathe into your heart ~ close your eyes, take a few mindful breaths and imagine the breath flowing like waves over and through the heart. Feel the peace there ~ find your center.

The invitation into October is to move like water yet remain still, like a stone. Feel the balance in that movement. Feel the strength and power of a very different relationship with the energies around and within you. There is a lot of magic present. Intense? yes – but only because this atmosphere is so new. How foreign an environment that compliments our wisdom and divine feminine gifts of clear perception, piercing insight and uncensored compassion ~ and yet, the acceleration is well underway.

This first week of October, 2016, finds me immersed in family… seemingly old family dynamics, and yet, everything is somehow, different! I remember distinctly the last relationship repatterning that these new energies afforded the Light Tribe at the end of last year ~ I felt as if I had become the SUN in environments that have long been sticky and shadowed; a Sun that radiated far into my ancestry. And with this final and 3rd wave of 2016 that the Equinox ushered in, what is lucidly different is the opportunity to command a new space, a pristine and authentic sense of Self ~ room for the greater Truth and frequency of who we are to reside within what has always been. This is huge and quite dramatic in effect. It is like looking in the mirror and experiencing someone, some thing different looking back. You, and yet, somehow, not you. Yes, it is true, we are not in Kansas anymore 🙂  – or any place we have ever been, for that matter!

There is a softening, a surrender present in this new timeline ~ we have a very real opportunity to start a new chapter, carve a new niche for the Divine Self and in doing so, begin to truly assimilate and integrate the conscious and subconscious changes we have gone through this year. One of the ways this new awareness of Self is manifesting is in the dissolution of personal story ~ which brings a new sense of balance and peace to both our inner and outer world. This is the Divine Feminine radiance taking up new residence in our world and being. Along with a heightened sense of compassion and receivership in what others are going through, we see clearly the fear that instigates so much suffering and judgement, denial and separation in our loved ones and the greater reality around us.

Another level of clarity this acceleration and shift of timelines is commanding is that of clear boundaries. We must honor and keep pristine the new frequencies and levels of Self we are assimilating now. These new feminine boundaries are not harsh and fearful in nature, but they do radiate out a clear message about what is and is not acceptable as we negotiate new relationship dynamics with the reality and beings around us. Trust your instincts, share your insights when others clumsily or unconsciously impose on your new spaciousness. Remember, we are learning to breathe a new atmosphere and reside in more transparency than we have known, thus far.

Which brings us back to the softening and relaxing into; trusting the mystery, trusting existence and trusting who you are, in this new relationship with everything and everyone. We cannot “know”, with the mind, this time and this place. This invitation is into new perception and new understanding, led by the feeling nature. As we looked at in depth, on the current New Human Transmission, the world as we know it, out there, is replete with extremes ~ polarization is at an all time high. For the purpose of seeing clearly and making new, different, illumined and compassionate choices. There is a new power here, new humans ~ it is deep and wide in expanse and reach ~ denying none, extending an invitation to each, yet requiring a neutral position as we repattern the old defaults of very entrenched systems on our planet. Whether it is politics or finances, personal obstacles you have not yet solved or some form of addiction to the way things have always been, we must first come to neutral and then begin to command every thought, action, behavior, emotion and opinion to focus on love and freedom. Because we are very different beings in this NOW! Abide accordingly.

I AM on day 38 of the Level 2 of the rejuvenation spinning ~ reversing time and mind, aligning myself with the precious knowledge and the greater movement of the Cosmos. There is a vibrational “home”, a frequency of Light where we are and have always been free, always empowered, always wise and abundant and clear seeing of “the way.” It is a dimensional space that compliments the True Self and the sacred contracts we have come to fulfill. When we step into the alignment with these sacred contracts, the old obligatory contracts become null and void. And there is no effort or angst – only peace with this Shift. This vibrational home is all around us and within us ~ yet exists outside the constraints and agreements of the old, conditioned timeline. When I spin, I AM imagining all of you working with the Cosmic Cross and we are reversing time and mind, together. How is that commitment going? Do you feel your devotion as a strength that outshines your attachment to outcome? As with ALL things foreign to the conditioning and fear of the small self ~ we must persist in our pursuit of Authentic Life and stay with the invitation and discipline to spin a new web of Creation! I AM certain that my spinning is contributing to new perception and a new relationship with the time space around me. As I spin, I AM connecting with the “what next” and wisdom of my future self that has already walked the path before me and is victorious in the mastery I know I have come to step into at this time. As I spin, I feel a retrieval and reconciliation of my past, a wider and deeper forgiveness of my Self and all those who have danced with me in my awakening process. I know that spinning with the Ascension Spiral in this way will attract, call to my being and path, the next levels of my mastery, service and ability to love fiercely!

Spend time with the September 18th webcast of the New Human Transmissions ~ it is an all inclusive invitation and support of the shift to the new timeline. https://deannehampton.com/webcast/september-transmission-embodying-the-power-of-this-now/The Shining Ones, the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters and their wisdom, sacred geometry, meditation journey to the center of Mount Shasta, working with the Flower of Life, remembering our Oneness with the Beloved Mother, Gaia ~ ALL Present in this webcast ~ along with the transformational energies to guide you lovingly into the new spaces of LIFE here now, on your behalf. Share with your friends, loved ones, strangers and new tribe. As we move with this wave, without resistance, stepping into our new roles of power and service, we are creating spaces for the those now ready and yearning to step into the spaces we have already prepared. Moving together, as ONE, toward a greater Truth, a greater harmony, a greater remembrance and a greater LOVE. This is the experience we have chosen as an Ascending Family of Light, New Humans ~ returning home.

Much Love, Joy, Reunion and Wonder to you always, my Light Tribe!
DeAnne, the Shining Ones and Many Realms of Light  ಌॐಌ ??



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2 comments on “October ~ A New Awareness
  1. Michele says:

    Yes, I love the spin exercise, spinning myself in zero point of no time. Life is excellerating! I have added a lot of “re” words to the process: remembering, recalibrating, revitalizing and so on. Thank you for all that you bring and share with us. I believe her name was Georgianna on her comment to you, my sentiments exactly in her praises for you. She said it so well!

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Michelle ~ I feel your nature and love and there is a sense I know you… perhaps we will make that knowing in person one day! The second level of the spinning works directly with the 13 heavens ~ including journeying and commanding the energy of the womb. Your personalization of this activity is encouraged – because the more you FEEL what you are doing, the more effective it will be. I have such BEAUTIFUL beings gathered in the tribe here, you included. Thank you for the mirror you hold up of my best and truest Self. LOVE LOVE LOVE ~ ?

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