Earth And Sky, Winged Messenger

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I just returned from an “anything but planned” experience in Florida ~ hurricane Matthew, evacuations, no vacancy hotels and all. We were aiming for St Augustine after brief visits with family in both Augusta, GA and Brandon, FL… needless to say we didn’t make it to the beach! It was a powerful and insightful experience to be in the “eye” of millions of people being displaced from their homes, on the move and without certain destination or outcome. Matthew and the pure forces of nature, assisted with the experience of what it feels like to be suspended in time, without a timeline or known other than the moment so many suddenly found themselves in the middle of.

There is a certain magic when life is viewed not from attachment and need, but from energy and trust in the higher order of existence. This mass evacuation was like a dress rehearsal for the timeline shift ~ it required cooperation, community, calm and the willingness to let go of what was without any idea of what will be ~ essentially no place to go or be ~ until the greater forces settled. It was not lost on me that had I been home, in NC, that this weather phenomenon would have been something happening somewhere else without much intimate awareness about the experience of so many. And yet, as grace would have it and the ascension energies would magnify for me, I was where I could witness a process that is actually happening the world over, in the more subtle but no less powerful fields of energy.

Along with this energetic phenomenon, I had longer and deeper, more insightful and healing experiences with various family members. No, nothing much has changed in their world or perception, but their ancestral patterns and old agreements felt more like a soft wind that gently brushed my skin rather than gale force winds determined to destroy anything and one that is not in agreement with their belief about existence. It was a cerebrally freeing time of both deepening and rising above, being filled with compassion for those so locked into fear and control and yet lucidly clear about what I AM and am no longer responsible for.

This is the new part of the brain we bring to awareness in the New Human Transmissions ~ that along with the crystalline DNA ~ once we step into the new timeline, agreements and responsibility – we are vibrating with a part of the brain that has never known separation, limitation, sorrow or regret. More and more we can EXPECT to find ourselves in experiences and situations where we recognize we are not now nor have we ever been, bound by what we know as the past. The past only exists in the old timeline ~ and yet, every moment of our existence here constantly renews itself with the precious knowledge that LOVE is the fulfillment of all prophecy and we ARE that LOVE and we are here to remember how powerful we are, because of the expansive nature of LOVE.

I AM sharing one of my favorite moments from this trip into “neverland” just past… though there were many and most involving nature. Bodhi, Jim and I were taking a morning walk in my home town and came upon this pond, with this amazing creature perched with purpose and dignity. Warming itself in the morning sun, perhaps drying its wings from a morning bath, I could not help but feel drawn into its energy and grace – such a sense of Self it exuded. Cormorant, or snake bird as we called them growing up, are expert swimmers and divers and can show us how to dive in and swim where we wouldn’t think possible. hmmmm can anyone relate? I imagine the almost 2 million evacuees in FL, GA and parts of the Carolinas were in varying states of overwhelm and uncertainty about their future this last week. Cormorant in this simple moment and the greater ascension movement, at large, are inviting us to dig deeper for messages and more expansive solutions in a time that seems wholly unpredictable and uncertain – that we can accomplish in unique ways now, possibilities and outcomes we would have until just recently, thought impossible.

I just love the sky in the water and the earth so vibrant in her presence ~ the majesty of this winged creature to stand under the golden light of the Sun and declare its own, I AM.

This IS a magical time, New Humans ~ I AM riding this wave right along side of you and tuning into the rhythm and flow of the ascension energies, on behalf of this New Paradigm of Consciousness and Energy. The waves continue to move in an ebb and flow manner ~ one day you will feel like the SUN, so lit up with new awareness of Self and the presence of this New Feminine Light. The next, you will feel like the moon and need to reserve your energy and go inward into the creative womb of the Goddess. There is a LOT of power present ~ trust what you are feeling and the impact of this new atmosphere on your body, mind and spirit. Move like water, remain still like a stone, open to these energies like a flower opening to new life. Know that Sophia Consciousness is growing on our Earth and as an indwelling force, within. I AM in the midst of preparing an initiation meditation into the Divine Feminine Ascended Master energies… a new transmission will be within the next week or so, so stay tuned for that! Until then, KNOW that you are NEW in this NOW. Nothing that has been has any power over you ~ there is a convergence of Light streaming to a new zero point, activating a New Sun within and all around you that outshines what once lacked clarity or conviction. Be like the Cormorant and DIVE IN ~ to the invitation all around you and REJOICE in the promise of a new era of being hUman on Earth.

Love Of Oneness ~ Joy of Creation,

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  1. JEH says:

    Beautiful picture & thoughts !
    Thank you, Deanne!

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