The Flowering Of The True Self

Fc324372 F3b5 4c04 A132 525ed9fd7584Good Morning Light Tribe,

Much is moving and transforming, literally at the speed of Light. It is and will continue to be important to create space to integrate and assimilate these ascension energies. We are in an evocative repatterning of belief, thought, habit… all known and unknown attachment to old paradigm systems. A NEW RELATIONSHIP with energy continues to be an essential priority in the shift to new timeline ~ I AM sure the Shining Ones and Divine Feminine wisdom will have a lot to say about this in the next New Human Transmission.

It can be both dizzying and profound as a new stillness takes up residency in the mental and emotional bodies. This New Feminine Light is inviting us inward, to the origins of Self, to a new power both activating and emerging as a force that is rearranging our lives in a dramatic way. We are learning, remembering to feel each moment rather than look at the details of it. The details, too numerous to name in the known reality, will hook you back into the spin of so much that remains unsettled, chaotic, dismantling and dense; both in your personal reality and the greater world, at large. We are apprentices to a new era of what it means to be human ~ a Golden Age of Miracles being ushered in by Sophia Wisdom, Christ Consciousness and Divine Feminine Ascended Masters. In essence, we are awakening to a truer lineage within, awakening a New Self that will change our relationship to EVERY thing.

The next New Human Transmission ~ The Flowering Of The True Self ~ will vibrate with the transformational energies of this apprenticeship. I AM in the process of downloading a meditation that will serve as an initiation into Quantum Reality ~ awakening you to your personal relationship to Sophia, the Feminine wisdom of Creation ~ activating a more direct communion with your Higher Self.

As the spectacle of the political arena comes to a climax with the coming election ~ I have more higher realms insight to share, along with more expansion around how to maintain optimal balance and health as we adjust to an accelerated frequency shift on behalf of embodying a very new human design. Keep in mind and heart that TRANSPARENCY IS HERE ~ and this is a great gift. It may seem especially chaotic, dense and unredeemable “out there” at this time, but the greater insight is that everything is coming to the surface so that we know the Truth and can make different choices for the future; individually and collectively! So, I hope you will come and join me, bring your love and intention in expanding the light of this New Paradigm of Consciousness and Energy, with this new human community and tribe.

Please make note that this webcast will be on SATURDAY rather than the usual Sunday – I felt inspired to include an additional vibrational enhancement with a portal of the Master Number 22 ~ just wanting to acknowledge and welcome every avenue of support in assisting our ability to embody this new energy and intel present in this NOW. The next transmission will be 10/22 ~ @ 11:11am eastern.

Title: The Flowering Of The True Self
Meditation: Higher Self Initiation With Sophia Wisdom
Music: Samba Sada Shiva\Artist: Donna Delory




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3 comments on “The Flowering Of The True Self
  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    Looking forward to your next webcast and what you have to say in regard to the many things manifesting now-especially the Sophia Wisdom-since I’m slowly working my way thru 8 Sophia initiations.

  2. Arne says:

    DeAnne , this month I learned that when you ask , you will get as many an-swers as you need … Love from Arne

  3. DeAnne says:

    Hello Arne ~ such a joy to HEAR from you ~ tho I know you are always there and FEEL your presence. That is an AWESOME revelation – sounds like a very positive shift for you and good stuff! YAY~ Love your side of the world.??

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