Calm And Steady, Aries Full Moon

Image Copy 4Good Morning Light Tribe,

I AM sure you have been feeling the pull of the Full Moon as it anchors its intention to the Earth plane this week. Everything is just so magnified in this NOW ~ the trees, the Sun, the lack of rain and the deluge of rain, generous acts of kindness and equally nonsensical demonstrations of separation and ignorance, Yes, its all there, shining brightly under the unapologetic transparency that is here now, present for the sake of change, shift, making different choices and creating different lives.

This Full Moon reaches its peak @ 12:23am eastern Sunday morning ~ this is a passionate and quite potent Moon that carries the capacity to catapult through obstacles and into new potentials. This whole passage we are experiencing as an ascending light tribe is about integrity and maturity ~ setting new boundaries that both clearly define and also honor the True Self and the greater Truth of existence. This Full Moon compliments this expansion in a powerful way ~ helping us to see clearly the direction and movement that best supports transformation and mastery. Remain neutral in what you are observing and trust the process of what is evolving with wonder and an open heart.

It only takes a moment to stand beneath her radiance, inviting her mystery and wisdom into your heart. It is the nature of the Moon to bestow fortune ~ take a moment, or a few ~ this Full Moon, to get in touch with the growth and expansion you are ready for and ask the moon to bless you with fortune around this intention. Don’t forget to offer her a gift or blessing in return ~ a prayer, a song, a dance, your love, your intention to honor always, these sacred gifts of an evolving world. 

With Love,


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