A New Paradigm Is Anchoring!

“…worship does not mean offering flowers ~ it means offering your heart to the vast mystery. It means being so in love that you are willing to dissolve & be recreated in every moment….” ~ The Radiance Sutras

Good Morning Light Tribe,

There is a New Paradigm anchoring within every facet of life as we know it ~ nothing and no one can deny this new transparency that is 2 fold: it is forcing deep seated, emotional imbalance and shadowy agendas to surface even as it is allowing a new level of peace, a new radiance to anchor in and stream out into the Earth’s Grid like the rays of a New Day sun.

As the US election draws near (12 days and counting), I have been curiously and magically called to the masculine quadrant and the ancient site of the Shining Ones Vortex. Everything has, once again, changed in the vibrational world. If you listened to the October 22, New Human webcast ( https://deannehampton.com/webcast-page/) you are very aware of the higher realms perspective and purpose of everything happening with this significant world and cosmic event. Please continue to spend time with this transmission – it is light-encoded with a level of remembrance and wisdom that will empower you to affect this election in truly meaningful and lasting ways.

Every level of reality as we know it is being put on notice! Changing the game means playing the game differently! We must lift personal intention higher in the role we each are playing in this timeline shift – and trust the work the Light is doing. So many are investing so much personal energy; psychic, egoic, emotional and physical into the outcome of this election; opinions are flying everywhere in a debris of unsettled existence. And yet, what my experience immersed in the pure frequency and wisdom of nature vortex both yesterday and today affirmed, is that the Light is and continues to expand as the New Timeline anchors.

Every vortex around the globe has a masculine, feminine and central light balancing mechanism. This allows those who are aware and comfortable working as Gridworkers, Gatekeepers and Lightworkers to both work with the planetary grid in specific ways and to see vibrationally what is happening with the ascension energies on our planet. What I observed yesterday in the masculine quadrant were new portals, openings reflecting light expanding into the old masculine energy … the strategic placement of frequency fences offering ongoing clearings with elevation gain AND the very surreal presence and activity of children; child like presence, playfulness, joy, wonder – a lightness of being. It was revelatory to witness that energy in the more severe, stern, dry and jagged cliff edges of the nature in the masculine of this vortex.

Additionally, today I was guided up to the ancient site in the Central Column of Light quadrant of this vortex. After sitting in complete stillness on top of one of the ancient monoliths ~ I just felt the Beatles Song, Let It Be, oozing from all the rocks and trees – over and over again, acknowledging the presence of the Divine Feminine that is here to comfort and create peace for those who are ready. I was then pulled up the mountain, off trail and into dense brush – climbing over rocks and navigating sudden, steep drops into nothingness – called to somehow merge the ancient site in the Central Quadrant with the masculine energies of this vast vortex network. It was magical. There is everywhere, all around, the opportunity now to create with and amplify the new rather than feed the old light as it dies away. Ancient wisdoms are returning to support this humanity’s transition to a Golden Age of Miracles and Light.

This is QUITE huge in implication – the demonstrated invitation of the new timeline into a higher experience of known – becoming witnesses to a new possibility, a new opportunity, a new level of creation within a reality that seems very fixed and static, bleak and without redemption. As this current transmission of 5D/6D Earth emphasized in the New Paradigm teachings ~ (see 10/22 webcast above) there is a direct correlation between how you are vibrating and the level of experience you are witnessing. ONE REALITY HAPPENING – many different experiences, possibilities and outcomes. And WE ARE IN CHARGE – always – of the experience we are having and the future we desire.

It is so very important as we come through the election and ride this 3rd wave of 2016 into the transition of 2017, that we hold the frequency as high as possible! Nature continues to be one of your most powerful allies in doing that. In each moment, we are being prepared for New Existence! Gaia and all of her kingdoms are masters of that eternal change, renewal and transformation process. The Pure Source Consciousness you will find in the natural world will facilitate the ongoing changes in your energy fields and DNA. Call on the Shining Ones to help with the fusion between your cellular upgrade and Gaia’s – it is essential that you adjust your frequency often to access the vibration of the higher experiences. Stay in your heart, eliminate all that interferes with or limits your Ascension trajectory – align all your thoughts and creations with the New HUman Paradigm of Peace, Love and Unity.

With Gratitude, Peace and Love to ALL,



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3 comments on “A New Paradigm Is Anchoring!
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    Thanks, DeAnne. I needed to hear that song today. I’m cleansing because I watched something last night about a well known yoga instructor who is molesting some of his students. Doug thought I might like to see it. So much is coming up to be revealed. Love the fact that the light is expanding into the masculine energies. It is so needed. I will be participating in James Twyman’s event on 11-5 to help raise the energies. Lokah Samastah Sukino Bahavantu.


    • DeAnne says:

      There is a LOT of information for you in that exchange between you and Doug – Pay Attention – it is purposeful in what you have been asking and think you are ready for in your expansion! xo

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    Thanks, DeAnne.


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