Eternal Sunrise

NATURE CO mountain sunrise 2

Light is one of the most beautiful and purest things that exist within our world. It glows, it burns, it shines. It sparkles. It glistens. It illuminates everything in a incandescent glimmer. It is bright. It is everlasting. Light is so enchanting, it’s mesmerizing. It is almost a miracle that something so magnificent can be residing inside of us. Our inner light.

What, exactly, is inner light?

It’s the hand that you extend when you help up another person who has fallen. It’s the courage that makes you stick by your principles even if no one else is on your side. It’s the empathy that stirs your heart when you put yourself in another’s shoes. It’s the goodness that is within you, the kindness that holds you back from doing the things that you know would hurt someone else.

Protect and cherish your light at all costs. Keep it shining and shimmering in its glorious innocence. When you bring your light to the world it becomes a more beautiful place with a sunrise that is eternal? That is the power you have.

Happy Easter World



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