ELECT To Be The Light Today!

Good Morning New Humans,

Just a reminder that ALL IS WELL ~ the Light is doing its work and wholly present in every detail and activity of this election day! There is a very grounded sense of peace for those who are attending to this passage with the heart’s wisdom, giving the mind and emotions a much needed rest. It is not possible for the negative and shadow to take over the presence and power of LOVE. PLEASE SPEND TIME with the 5D Forum post, Set An Intention, Find Your Focus and Stay There… it will assist you in connecting with the greater wisdom and purpose around the outcome of this day. Go inward and expand your energy, your thoughts, your emotions and your compassion outward, as the whole of humanity watches this pivotal moment unfold. Truth Is Rising with the Light of a New Day!?

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2 comments on “ELECT To Be The Light Today!
  1. Kathleen says:

    My thought for today DeAnne: Encountering new portals of perception moving forward, I open to opportunities of benevolence unseen before now and breathing into them I embrace my creation unfolding before me with joy, gratitude and grace. Much love✨?✨

  2. Karen says:

    I elect to stay High Heart centred & Soul aligned……. All for One & One for All……God Bless US! ?✨?

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