Stability, Service, Source

Cropped Unnamed 3Blessings New Humans,

Take a moment and focus intently on this photo, what do you see? what do you feel? How might the image here relate to this very profound and purposeful passage for our Ascension?

In the foreground of this photo, the focal point appears to be a lone individual walking down a rocky, precarious terrain. In that perspective, a lot is in shadow, dark and austere. Yet, notice that the very next step the silhouette steps onto creates a potential alternate path, one in which he/she could conceivably change course, stepping off the current landscape and onto an ascending mountain. The energy over the mountain lightens into mists and draws the awareness up to a new perspective – one that is infinite with life and color, mystery and possibility.

We are preparing for a new experience in the higher realms of consciousness. The devil might appear to be in the details for many as they see clearly where their attachments lie around certain world events – but if you pay close attention and view the events unfolding through your heart, signs are everywhere present that the grip of the old illusion is releasing. The past IS disappearing.

As I have watched with a heavy heart, hundreds of thousands of acres in NC burn since the election – is it not lost on me, the metaphor of choice that is presenting itself to the collective at this time. Rather than sit and focus helplessly on what is burning in the old realities, the only sane and mature course of action is to forge ahead with the creation of NEW! Now more than ever, we must pay attention not only to the energy we are engaging, but to our own energy and emotional state ~ if we are to continue to expand into new experiences. Not everyone has been open to shifting into neutrality and trust with the election of Donald Trump as the next US President! The dialogues we are engaging, the opinions and attachments to values we see as threatened… we are learning a lot about ourselves and whether or not the lower Self is ready to let go of the old paradigm long enough to begin raising personal vibration, consciousness ~ the light in our cells, our fields and hearts.

This is a time of Mastery ~ of consciously pulling your energy back from the fire that is raging and seemingly out of control. Actually, letting outer circumstances, outcomes and agendas pull you out of your own center of trust and peace is another level of being controlled and manipulated. The path of Mastery is one of harmony, no matter what the circumstances. We can look with fear at what is unfolding and in so doing, attract persons and conversations to justify every worse case scenario imagined. Or, we can step back to see the big picture, honoring and respecting all experiences and creations as reflections of Source.

I shared on the current New Human Transmission that I AM being called to the Inauguration in January! I feel so strong and clear, centered and honored by this calling. In the midst of SO MUCH dissension and emotional strife and unconscious rhetoric over who done what and who is responsible and how we can fight the perceived injustices, I AM taking my LIGHT and the energy of peace and ungovernable center into the sea of consciousness gathering for that Inauguration. I feel strong in conviction and mission. I know that one conscious person standing in the vibration of love is more powerful than an army of unconscious beings. The humans who helped Donald Trump get elected, did so because they were desperate for change – they were tired of not being regarded. We can only have compassion for that and then look at ways, big and small, to personally listen and see and reach out and connect with more humans more deeply than we have before. Regardless of how rattled your values, your moral compass, your sense of right and wrong and compass for the future is in this NOW –  open your heart unconditionally to the joyous creation all around you, respecting it all, trusting it all. This heals the separation, the memory and distrust of all that has occurred in both the individual and collective journeys.

The path of Self Love is one of ongoing surrender. As you surrender negativity, lower vibrating emotions such as fear, doubt, judgement, belief systems, repetition, old operating systems that tether you to duality ~ you become joyfully and divinely unified with the mission of your Higher Self. Then expansion and unconditional love become your primary goals. In all things Love – this is your power.

The November New Human webcast is 2 hours and 9 minutes of transformational energies actively challenging you to connect with your True Self. Not everything in this live streaming of light-intel and heart consciousness may be easy for the lower Self to hear, but these energies and exercises, wisdoms and remembrances from a New Consciousness Paradigm vibrate with the invitation to know oneself, to be the Presence of Source in all things, at all times, willing to speak your truth with inclusivity and Love, feeling and Namaste’. Listen often, engage deeply, every webcast is light-encoded to work with your current vibration and ascension process. Monitor your energy, flow with what is – be mindful of your thoughts, conversations, activities, spending, who you are spending more time with, who you are spending less time with, whether you are being drawn into the NEW or the old. Ascension is a choice.

Be The Light, New Human ~ shine brightly everyday knowing we are victorious as pure conduits of this NOW.

Light Of Oneness, Love Of Creation ~
DeAnne and the Shining Ones



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3 comments on “Stability, Service, Source
  1. Kathleen says:

    Yes, Yes and Yes! DeAnne. It is interesting going out and about to hear what others are saying and feeling while staying centered in the light and Love within. It is also interesting to see what triggers a defensive response from me, where I politely give gratitude to the triggerer, is that a word? And excuse my self to follow that feeling deep within to dissolve, neutralize and purify. Each moment is precious as is each opportunity to grow into the fullness of our expanded being, together. So Much Love

    • DeAnne says:

      Beautiful sharing Kathleen ~ thank you for being you and for the light you bring to the world! So Much Love right back to you! xo

  2. Karen says:

    Triple yessesssss also, thank you Kathleen. I am being triggered again, again, & again….yes, Ascension is a choice & 100% responsibility. It’s not an easy road…..this road less travelled, but I was blessed to hear recently while on retreat/respite/rejuvenation, that it is the Hero’s Path, that I tread most lightly & with hopefully some awareness of the Ease & Grace that the Divine extends towards US!
    Namaste Shining Ones ((((((((+)))))))

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