Collateral Beauty, the New and the Now.

Participating Creative Universe Focal PointBlessings To My New Human Family,

I AM sitting at the end of a very full, magical, emotional, draining, energizing, grace and wonder-filled NEW and very NOW day! From beginning to end it was like floating through nothingness where I got to experience and perceive the past, the present and the future all at once, with objectivity and wisdom versus the small and time-bound perception of the egoic mind. I feel a fairly vast, cosmic sigh ~ in my whole being… body, mind, spirit, emotions, perceptions, beliefs… memories and dreams, all inclusive. The theme of the current New Human Webcast (12/17 – ) was about the “something else that is going on”, in this NOW. Miraculously – today was an encapsulated moment in time demonstrating that something else, something beautiful, something transcendent and free from time and space and the linear illusions we get so swept up into, as humans. There is something wonderful happening.

The day began with a visit with my mom and younger sister, at my sisters home, in Ga – and ended with seeing the newly released movie, Collateral Beauty. I was so humbled and grateful to see reflections of my life in the movie and the movie in my personal experiences and the presence of this “something else”, so transformative and wise, in both. What is the dream, what is real… more and more, can we truly answer this question? This movie was about how EVERYTHING is connected – a compelling reminder that we, in this timeline with all its pain and loss, its suffering and hatred… its joy and gifts and abundance and its LOVE –  we are here to connect! And we find meaning in that connection ~ when we remember that LOVE is in e v e r y t h i n g.

Tomorrow, December 21st @ 3:44am eastern, is the Solstice; Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere. This is a time when we move from the darkest time of the year, to the first day of bringing back the light. Take a moment and expand that invitation out beyond the moment of the Solstice – out into your relationships and known, into the division and shifts dominating so much of our world… take it into your heart and feel the bigger picture that beckons us to perceive the world and one another and ourselves, differently.

That really is what this new timeline is about – it is about embodying a higher aspect of ourselves, our potential and our capacity to Love. The Solstice may be considered as both an ending and a beginning. And this is beautifully, radically, unconditionally true of this WHOLE New and Now moment for you and me and all who are ready to step into a new relationship with existence. I encourage you to embrace this day within what is already a very sacred passage this entire month of December… take time to feel what is blossoming from within – and then create a moment, a ceremony, sacred time on a mountain ~ to anchor the something new you are expanding into. Use your energy wisely, as one who understands how powerful you are as an agent of change and a creative spark with something wholly valuable to contribute to a future that is constantly being written, by you! 

As I embrace the whole of what is around and within me with my capacity to Love ~ I AM bringing back the light, for the highest good of ALL.

With Great Gratitude, Peace and LOVE ~

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2 comments on “Collateral Beauty, the New and the Now.
  1. merina says:

    Thank you for showing the way to the New. For bringing to my awareness the possibilities and shifts of my consciousness. I am reborn into the realm of infinate possilities as a creative being making new choices! Happy Wholly days ☆♡

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Merina for your beautiful heart and the intention you bring to the world. Joyful Holy Days to you too! ☆♡

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