Sacred Passage Of Transformation Underway ♡

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Blessings Family Of Light,

I know we are all in our inward, deep spaces as we adjust and acclimate to this exquisite influx of light and new. I wanted to share energy around an experience I had on Christmas Day, as well as, emphasize the focus of this sacred passage through January 4th.

For the last week to 10 days, I have been endeavoring to find my way to a new peak in one of the local vortexes. This vortex is vast with several mountains folding in upon one another. There are scant trails that I have made over the years with Samadhi Blue and now Bodhi ~ mostly it is just wide open, pristine wilderness. I became uber focused recently on this rock face extremely high in the far eastern distance of this immense woodland. I am not sure if it is due to the trees being bare from winter or the invitation of new dimensional spaces as to why this rock face appeared – perhaps a combination of both… but recently, this extreme elevation and open space became the only point of focus in these woods for me. I AM remembering the quote by John Muir, “the mountains are calling and I must go”. For some unknown but deeply felt reason, I knew I had to some how find my way to that opening, the rock clearing, that far beacon vista. It became an all important mission! Again, noting that there are no trails, coupled with the extreme, often rocky elevation and that there are dried Fall leaves up to a foot deep in much of the higher elevation ~ this mission required tenacity and a strong resolve to “discover” new territory.

We had several possibilities of direction to flow with on Christmas … it felt important to leave the space quite flexible so as to follow the energies I knew would be so palpable and holy on this day. My mind felt unusually still, empty even as we enjoyed homemade waffles with a fresh berry compote and warm Jnantik, an ancient Mayan superfood roasted and ground into a nutrient rich beverage. I had just spent 3 hours on the mountain, hunting through dense brush with intense climbing a few days before ~ and foraging in the deep wilderness is not necessarily Jim’s first choice of activity 😉  – but as the sun rose brightly in the Christmas Day sky – it became lucidly clear we would all go hunting for the giant gem on the mountain. This became the unplanned but very purposeful focal point of the Christmas Gateway, 2016.

I AM sharing this to weave story and a very grounded experience into the greater passage we are in presently. In the current New Human webcast ( December 17th – we emphasized the sacred passage of transformation present from December 25th through January 4th. The Light level influxes within this passage are very much dependent upon available conduits for crystalline embodiment (remember the visual of the “ship” of consciousness suspended over our Earth?) – this new energy is a co-creative phenomenon looking to the new human capacity to allow the much higher vibration of the Higher Self and Solar aspects within form. While the lower realities demonstrate so much chaos and disorder – there is something else so powerful and steadfast unfolding. And our work is to be conscious with our choices and time, our activities and expenditures, our emotions and our focus.

As we climbed that mountain into more and more nothingness, surrounded by utter unknown, no idea of whether or not we would find the new plateau, there was a palpable sense of nothing else existing but the moment we were in. I could feel my own integrity (being true to the true moment) as a force guiding the experience with humility and a lot of grace. And there was JOY – such joy – the sense of not wanting to be anywhere else on this entire planet than the sacred moment we were in. This is a Divine activity… the chaotic affect on the lower realities is a side-effect. Our focus now is to be willing participants in the reception and creation of these new realities, new states of consciousness – to then make them available for all who choose this path. Feel the emotion of this divinity as it presents for you, be vigilant around your old programs and the impulse to be drawn into old expectation and routines… release and clear as needed, and know that alternatives are manifesting quickly as the intention, magnetics, and incoming light merge to create Ascension. Nothing is more important now, for your life or for the many, than keeping yourself aligned and in a state of peaceful reception. The influx of Solar and Gaia Code will continue to be frequent and unpredictable in delivery.

We reached the summit of this Christmas Day “mission”. It was the equivalent of climbing a mile UP a pathless ascent within which you could only see the moment you were in. There was no certainty we would ever reach our destination but we felt the pull of its magnetics and the joy of being led, guided by the mystery. What this passage is communicating so fiercely, with divine love and care, is the presence of very unique energies, clear and present consciousness shifts and the very real capacity to co-create with the Higher realms, especially the Divine Cosmic Mother. We were children, this Christmas Day 2016, climbing with eager enthusiasm, toward a new sun, a new elevation, a new dimensional plateau from which we could see an incredibly new and expansive level of reality. I felt the significance too, that it was a coalescing of masculine and feminine energies that cleared the path to this new. The Divine Realms are strongly assisting us through this phase. Invite them in, utilize your spiritual maturity and heart consciousness to step into this new phase of empowerment and discovery – NOW. From the top of this vortex summit, I experienced the visions of a huge light surge and the guidance to stay very present in order to embody the Presence, the New, this love, this holy wisdom.

I extend to you 3 questions that kept pressing into my mind and heart this Christmas season; the Collective, my human family, with so many choices and the variety of activities and expenses that seem to go along with the season were very much present to my consciousness: “Is this contributing to the greater good, is this helping me to grow my light and expand my mastery, is this bringing me JOY?”

This NOW ~ this very sacred passage into a year filled with many surprises, enhancements, higher possibilities and expansion for the personal and collective timelines and realities, holds at its highest potential, reunion with Source Consciousness. As we are present and in the moment, this consciousness will pull us into the experience most aligned with our own highest potential and destiny. (Again, remember the visual of this Source Consciousness suspended in its golden radiance above the planet in the 12/17 webcast). As we allow and go with and defy not only expectation but our own conditioned, habitual thought… the new DNA is creating a bridge between the Higher and Lower Self. We are capable in these pure spaces of allowing and letting go and TRUST of creating with the vibration of LoveLight! And in so doing, feeling the holiness and gift of being conduits of the I AM Presence and Pure Source Consciousness, in form. This is the goal of this particular Ascension experiment on Gaia.

I felt deeply in the interior light of my own knowingness, that finding this new peak on Christmas Day was reflective of what this current sacred passage has to offer. We are entering new dimensional spaces not previously accessible. Many are receiving higher levels of the photonic codes as the Galactics and our own Higher levels weave this light gently, steadily into the collective consciousness via pure conduits. Within the subtle fields of mystery and light on that giant gem sky portal, I saw and felt a new humanity, filled with promise, free from the veils of illusion, a joyful co-creation of harmony and peace manifesting within the desolate winter landscape. This is a powerful consciousness shifting passage – feel free to call this forth and add your permission/intention to this acceleration. The next 2 weeks will be quite potent, blessed, full, radical and altering to the core – are you ready for that? Do spend some time with the energies of the current webcast (see link above) as well as the suggestions for optimizing this current passage of light influx – the meditations of the last several webcasts have brilliant light streaming in that can be felt and embodied on behalf of newly activating DNA. Lots of good stuff – SO MUCH SUPPORT as we assist in our own unique ways the New Grid Systems activating Gaia’s new energy lines. We are incredibly blessed to BE HERE NOW.

We will come together in this space just after this sacred passage closes ~ Saturday, January 7th, for the first New Human Transmission of 2017. I encourage you to stay off line, away from media, in stillness, in nature, with high vibe tribe and away from fearful posturing about the future. This show will look ahead at the new timeline and brilliantly lit passages for the new year – SO MUCH NEW IS HAPPENING. Pay attention, stay in your heart, LOVE YOUR WHOLE SELF without condition and use your intention to participate in the powerful activations available as we anchor these Solar and Cosmic Mother frequencies.

Infinite Blessings of Light, Joy, Peace and Wonder as we embrace this Gateway, the Mystery ahead and all the players on the Divine stage of an ascending world. Breathe in stillness, breathe out peace ~ honor the light within you in all your choices and stand strong in the Truth of who you are.

Holy Love, DeAnne   




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2 comments on “Sacred Passage Of Transformation Underway ♡
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas experience-so powerful! I’m sending this to my yoga instructor whom I walked with this morning. She announced that shw was depressed. When I asked her what about she told me she is convinced that mankind is being screwed by the upper 1%. I told her she was giving her power away and needed to focus on exposing herself to-what I call-soul medicine every day. Reading what you just wrote is soul medicine. So I’m going to give her the link and she has the option to read it. I’m sure glad you shared and am looking forward to your program on the 7th. I love this kind of medicine. It does not taste bad and goes now real easily. jj

    • DeAnne says:

      Beautiful sharing Judy – Thank you and gratitude for sharing the energy and invitation here… the New Human IS medicine for the body, mind, spirit and SOUL! xo

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