Mother Love


I am always encouraging people to spend more time in nature. It nurtures the body, mind and Soul in ways traditional medicine and therapies cannot begin to aspire to. This is not a new philosophy but an ancient and powerful wisdom. To do so, fills you with an equally important wisdom and purpose, the awareness of how much our presence, appreciation and joy nurtures and heals the Earth Mother.

The mountain waters are still quite chilly in the Carolinas, but not so cold that this radiant waterfall managed to lure us into its folds of wonder and light. Imagine the delight of the nature to have human beings jumping in with abandon, squeals of ecstasy and exuberance. The moment of impact created a huge release valve of all the things we hang onto and try to keep in check in otherwise orderly lives. Take a moment to be with the radiance of the waters here and then imagine freeing the mind enough to give yourself to it!

The Earth’s language, her love and ancient wisdom reaches us via energy – light, sound, electromagnetic radiation, the elements, the flora and fauna and all her many kingdoms. In acknowledging this, every place becomes sacred and then your only work is to do what your heart tells you to do in your sacred place. Jump in the frigid waters, sing, dance, tone, lie still, climb a tree, plant a seed, walk, chant, drum – whatever makes you feel joy and peace. By doing so, you help the earth heal, mend any tears and congestion in her chakras and assist her in revitalizing her power. Which of course, is your power. When you work with and bring the true nature of who you are to any one place, it affects all the other ones around the globe.

Over the years I have lived in Asheville, I have been blessed and entrusted with many sacred vortex portals. In honoring, meditating and sending energy to the earth in these amplified power spots, we are helping the whole of the earth to return to its original splendor with sacred places awakening in the most unlikely and even mundane of places. Time in nature, appreciating, loving, allowing joy to overtake you – energizes us to see things the way they really are. We are only just beginning to recognize and benefit from the level of partnership we have with this beautiful blue planet. Her beauty and light is a mirror for the beauty and light that has long lain dormant within us – yet is coming out to play once again and participate in the birth of a new land, a new atmosphere, a New Earth, a new “home.”

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