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Whether you live in Asheville, have ever visited Asheville or have always wanted to – there is an excitingly EPIC and extraordinary experience on the horizon JUST FOR YOU!

The newly expanded ASHEVILLE YOGA FESTIVAL will be this coming July 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th ~ featuring the most outstanding yoga teachers in the country. Additionally, there will be music (Rising Appalachia, MC Yogi!), key note speakers sharing wisdom about wellness, well being, consciousness, energy and holistic lifestyle practices… talented vendors with unique, inspired and creative artistry… meditations, sunrise yoga, even special vortex hikes provided by yours truly!  The festival will be spread throughout many venues in our beautiful city, offering an eclectic experience of space and time, yoga immersion and expansive educational tools to polish your interior light and grow your JOY quotient – BIG TIME!

There is something truly magical happening, the new timeline experiences are increasing Divine Merge opportunity exponentially in a way that is recognizing a new level of tribe, community, reunion and UNITY. This elevation of time and space is allowing for a new level of visibility, expression of gifts, of service and complimentary energetics for the purpose of both raising consciousness and strengthening the new grid of our planet. I have been invited to both guide and educate about sacred sites, vortex and the awakening consciousness of our planet via hikes – but additionally to give an indoor presentation about The New Human Paradigm and how this New Consciousness and Energy is anchoring at this time for the purpose of a very new experience of existence.

I am honored to be participating in this very heart centered, empowering event in one of THE most beautiful cities on the planet. BOOK YOUR SPACE now – we have hit the ground running and tickets are selling quickly. Don’t wait – SAY YES – come and see me/us  YOGA is for everyone – it is a way of life – on and off the mat ~ it is a way to truly affect positive change in the world. Join the yoga revolution!  Hope to see you this Summer! One Love, DeAnne

Asheville Yoga Festival:

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