Webcast: Sunday, February 26th!

Blessings Divine New Humans,

This is a huge time, a vast passage ~ there is so much going on with the physical body ~ and all over the vibrational spectrum, depending on who’s “driving” in your personal reality.  Personally, I AM really psyched and grateful to share about the positive benefits of anchoring into the new timeline on the show later this week – how that feels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We will also look at why the same energies are pummeling others, throwing the body out of whack and into odd and persistent symptoms. It ALL has to do with the New Templates of Self activating via the Solar activity in our personal and collective DNA – as well as the DNA of our planet.

A Gateway opens today through Saturday in preparation for the Solar Eclipse this Sunday. As I mentioned earlier, Higher Realms guidance came to do a transmission on the Eclipse because Sunday is a significant trigger point, that combined with your conscious choice, strengthens your trajectory toward the tremendous wave of light anticipated with the March Equinox. We will really hone in on creating an exceptionally pristine and focused container with this webcast, streaming pure frequencies and working with the New Self in a way you can use to achieve the greatest alignment and success for the quantum acceleration that will initiate in March!

The light is growing again after a period of stabilization of the grids. It is changing the way we live in our bodies, changing our relationships, changing the way Gaia is showing up, her portals and grid system. We have access to pure Creator beingness and to Source as never before. I was strongly guided to create a meditation for the BACK chakras for this webcast – understanding their importance in activating the Crystalline DNA. Divine crystalline HUman DNA is unique! It is so important to be radiating love to your DNA through your heart center – additionally I look forward to sharing this meditation with you as an important practice to assist you in the coming months.

Briefly, the front chakras give us the ability to give, this is what we give to the world and how we perceive the world. The back chakra points are our ability to receive. This is what we receive from the world, how the world perceives us. Take a moment to consider:

•    Do you feel unable to manifest their own goals, but can manifest others’ goals

•    Are you feeling less or low energy flow

•    Do you feel tired or drained after a healing

•    Feel less spiritually empowered

•    Do others demand too much of your time, energy or money

•    Not feeling satisfaction / compassion after healing others

•    Not doing professionally as well as you’d like

If any of the above ring true for you, then your back chakras could be blocked. This can happen if you are having tough times in your life or if you have not been doing proper chakra clearing. Again, the higher realms have initiated a meditation to clear and activate the back chakras – I also have a special offer for you in this regard.

I will be in Mexico for most of March – I look forward to sharing what that is all about and how it relates to your process at this time. Additionally, and as always, I have story and metaphor, sound and light intel to share with you, running the transformational energies of a New Human Paradigm at a time when we are empowered to choose between many timelines, an alignment with a truer experience of existence.

Love Always, Love from the Sacred Heart ~

New HUman Webcast: Sunday ~ February 26th @ 11:11am
Theme –
Solar Eclipse and March Equinox ~
The New Templates Of Self
Clearing and Activating The Back Chakras
Divine Feminine Medley Album: Praises For The World  

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