Surrender & Stillness, Embodying Solar Light

Blessings New Humans,

Gratitude for all the love, appreciation and support that was present with last Sunday’s show ~ The New Templates Of Self. We are a circle unbroken, ever widening.????This transmission is 2 hrs and 16 minutes of radiant light intel anchoring a strong center for the new timeline and March trajectory. The harmonics and tones within the lightcodes of this new consciousness paradigm, along with the presence and wisdom of the Shining Ones, offers peace and assurance that the light is here, that we are all good and each have the tools we need to navigate and expand in this experiment… with a gentle reminder to try not to freak out! No matter what is outpicturing. I really encourage you to spend some time with the metaphor from nature that I shared at the end of the show, because it is SO relevant to this now and the shapeshifting experience of life at this time. Gaia is nudging us with gentle authority into the new spaces of the new timelines ~ the example I shared was that of being strongly guided away from certain areas in the vortexes that I have worked with for years and asked to focus on and work with the newest, purer and higher frequencies and more refined areas. This activity is mirroring the splitting of realities that is underway, suggesting a lower earth and higher earth scenario. So, instead of the walking side by side with the 5th dimension as it is now, there will be a complete splitting away.

Right now, we are cohabitating. But there will be an opportunity at some point for the high vibe tribe to merge fully into the higher dimensional experience. There will no longer be the stepping back and forth and up and down, etc. This all has to do with the flashing light activity, both internal and external that we discussed, as well as what is meant by the activity of different bandwidths of experience. This has been on the trajectory for a long time, ancient, biblical stuff really, this weeding out of realities… but we are still playing with many possibilities; the how, the what’s what – it is a really powerful practice to engage your creator beingness, your own higher levels which are extraordinary creators, with “ok – what is the coolest thing I can imagine… what if, this and this and this????”

One of my favorite “what if” imaginings (I have mentioned this on the show over the years) is a “light center”, kinda like DC is known as the hub for government and politics – but a city and central hub in the US and every country perhaps, where the new leaders of light in our world convene and gather, making sustainable, holistic decisions for humanity and our planet based in love and highest good of all. Why not? A Central City of Light ~ the city on the hill. ???? When our minds get caught up in the details of what is dismantling, this is what we need to be doing! Imagining, dreaming bigger, gathering in new ways with those who share our devotion and wisdom and love of the light; love of Creation.

It has only just begun – the light is the light is the light and it is going to get here – STOP BELIEVING IN THE DARKNESS – it’s coming – and I feel that because so many gatekeepers and grid workers have received the message to start calling in the solar light – the solar flashes – they’re calling it in, they’re calling it in, all over the planet this is happening  – to do so reflects a direct message from your Galactic Self and higher councils – more and more we are there  – so many are doing this since the 3rd wave last September when so many etheric bands of light started appearing around Gaia – inviting us to step back and take a look – its quite beautiful. And these bands I feel are ahead of schedule (although technically there is no schedule) – but its like WOW, the bands are there? We are, indeed, almost ready for the Solar embodiment!

Know that when the higher levels start planting these ideas to start calling in the solar light  – they are playing with the willing among us – to show us we can create different timeline trajectories – we can create the whole process, with the light – that is what we have to align with. All the while, we have these shenanigans in the linear hologram that are taking people WAY away from their center – way away from the higher realities. My advice to new humans is to bind that stuff out of here first of all ~ and then to FLOOD the planet with love – from your pure heart – the most important thing is getting that pure heart, wide open! THAT in itself, changes reality – you can send love all day but if you are annoyed with your husband or the neighbors dog grinds on you, that’s attachment – that is mind and ego, not heart – and its like what are you doing? Pay Attention!

Let it be – refine your focus – it has to be a persistent state of “all is well”, being your brightest light and truest expression and coming from only love: in each moment. And this is not to say that our journeys right now are crazy joyful, they are not! ( at least not all the time 😉 ) This is THE most challenging experience right not – right now is EXTREMELY challenging – this energy – but you have to realize that it would not be this challenging if we couldn’t handle it – it would not be this challenging if we were not amazing gigantic creator beings incarnate! I absolutely believe in the benevolent goodness, the mercy and divine will of Source – this is not, does not have to be a torturous thing and trial of suffering – if we couldn’t handle it – it wouldn’t exist. I am pretty sure that as wild as we can dream and as expanded as our concepts of Source are, as much as we have learned and gained in this experience, as WILD and expanded as the orders of light – the highest orders of light can be – I’m pretty sure that that is just scratching the surface – of what Source and consciousness actually are.

We are fractals of the most high, of our arch angelics, our lords of light! And that the biggest beings of light there are – they are also just playing with fractals of Source – so like I said – knock out the walls of dreaming your largest – and it is not wishing and praying it is actually becoming incarnate – that is the point of this specific ascension on Gaia! Hopefully this will help everyone have some perspective on what is going on …

We must be anchored in our sacred heart – judging nothing – attaching to nothing – deciding to no longer believe in the darkness – moving from gathering mentally to truly shifting our personal trajectories – looking earnestly at what our choices are communicating to the higher realms about who we are. Spend time with the current webcast ~ SO MUCH showed up – so MUCH is here to support and co-create the new with us. I am sharing with you here a picture of the land we have been gifted in Tepoztlan ~ inviting you into the mystery and vision and imaginary spaces with us. WE CAN CREATE ANYTHING WE WANT NOW – there is nothing limiting or keeping us small. Dream for your Self, dream for a new humanity, dream for the Light of all Creation, dream for Love.

Gratitude, Peace, JOY and Oneness,



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5 comments on “Surrender & Stillness, Embodying Solar Light
  1. Susan Edwards says:

    Thank you DeAnne! Beautiful!❤ The re-membering and reset is always given right when it’s needed! We are truly Light-brings of heart-centered consciousness, and we are here to SHINE and to dispel and not give energy to the darkness.
    We love the picture of your land. We can feel the sacred energy emanating from it. May you experience untold blessings as you travel to and spend time in this holy place.
    Much love, Susan and Barbara

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Susan and Barbara ~ my local tribe and women of beauty and light. I will be tuning into many of the smiling faces that offer such support and love to this intention, so PAY ATTENTION – when you least expect it – you just may be taking a little journey with the ancients and me ! ????

  2. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    Ditto. The picture is beautiful. I intend to someday visit you, Jim and Bodhi there at your center someday. Loved that fact that you mentioned fractals-Fractals of All That Is. I feel peaceful in the midst of chaos.

  3. Michele says:

    Thank you so very much for all your love and support! The webcast was truly inspirational. The land is indeed a gift. I am looking forward to seeing it in person. Much love and light, in gratitude, Michele.

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Judy and Michelle, I will hold you both to that! Keep bringing intention to what you are ready to and desire to create – we are ALL being called into greater service – and REMEMBER – in the new timeline – you are already in the place of your highest service – already embodying the light and wisdom and freedom of the New Self! ???? Love to you both!

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