WTF! Yours For The Choosing ~

As we settle into March, imagine you are the Sun ~ and the many rays of activity, shifts, symptoms, decision and opportunity impacting your world at this time, are the prisms preparing you for the moment of the Spring Equinox. There are a whole lot of WTF moments happening ~ especially so connected to the physical, 3D you. No matter how much lightening and repatterning, letting go and DNA work you have done, 3D you is still the densest aspect of your Multidimensional Self. This passage is so refined ~ the new energy so high and crystalline in nature, that it is demanding constant and vigilant awareness around what physical you needs for your highest good. And it will change daily! Yesterday I experienced 3 portals, each about 2 hours a part. This was quite intense on my body and mind ~ the fatigue is not just physical, it is mental, as well. These openings and upgrades require a great deal of stillness ~ it is just not possible to stay in routine, pushing through the 3D agenda when these energies impact. It is essential that you do not resist and don’t go into fear about what the heck is happening to you! A great love is here and inviting you to a completely new level of Self and existence! We haven’t begun to recognize change in comparison to the acceleration and embodiments that are being triggered now. We are expanding as light into light toward a massive stargate this month ~ think of every moment and every experience and every thought as a prayer being answered within a sacred ascension trajectory. There is so much resistance on our planet right now in response to 3D shenanigans… but what we know, as lightworkers living from the sacred heart, is that surrender is ultimately about freedom, it is an act of power when done consciously, with courage and trust.

Nothing is in your way, nothing is limiting your personal expansion into the beauty and truth of who you are. This is a time to be quite dedicated to your Self, to your stillness, meditations, time with the Mother, singing your mantras and praises with joy and passion, taking time OUT of known and routine ~ surrendering all attachments to how this is suppose to look or what your life is meant to be. When emotions come up, release them as butterflies emerging into new expressions of creativity, service and love; new expressions of your own truth. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR ENERGY! If you are tired, rest! If your thoughts are negative, if you notice resistance or lean toward stubbornness ~ if you are getting sick or something feels stuck in your reality, there is probably something that needs to be surrendered. Be honest in looking at what is not working out for you and work with the imagery of the butterflies being released, surrender the old to a new level of freedom. Personally, the quickest release valve for me when I AM feeling the pressure of the new energy up against my current vibration, is CREATIVITY! When I bring awareness to the moment and shift into creator being, opening myself up as a channel for this new energy to flow through ~ there is enormous surrender in my body and I feel a grateful peace.

Welcome True Future ~ this is the NEW WTF expression from our Divine New HUman Solar Aspects. It is your Solar Heart Center that becomes the mechanism serving as a pure conduit of Source via Multidimensional you. Something that cannot be denied, yet felt in the deep and sacred heart, is that we are being taken back to the beginning ~ a time of innocence and promise, when our minds were clear and our hearts pure and our emotions free from the conditions of separation and fear. Be aware of small and great evidence coming into your awareness of your roots ~ breathe into the prayer of all you are witnessing at this time about your Self and the life around you. There is a merging of consciousness reactivating those sacred aspects of your DNA in absolute presence with all that is~ preparing you for what is about to unfold. Your DNA is aligning with crystal beds and ancients sites, sacred sites and lands and newly awakened souls who have been waiting for your arrival. When you Welcome True Future you care calling forth the highest light, the highest activations, the highest Christed timeline acceleration possible, in the highest interest of All. WTF!! Find humor in your metamorphosis ~ don’t get distracted by the details new humans, trust the big picture with all the known and unknown of your beautifully evolving world. Trust the greater order with all that is unfolding. You are a living prayer the entire Cosmos is responding to ~ all is in Divine order. It can be no other way. Shift your feelings about everything to love, gratitude, forgiveness and JOY for this tremendous undertaking of Ascension. Breathe with the intention of pure service in anchoring the New Human Heart Grid ~ that all who are ready may receive what is being activated upon this planet at this wondrous time.

Always in my heart ~ Each and Every One ????
DeAnne ~

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4 comments on “WTF! Yours For The Choosing ~
  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    So interesting that I should read this right after realizing that I have missed an appt that I set up. I was meditating and had the phone off of the hook. Decided this is what was suppose to happen. Placing my trust in my Higher Self.

  2. I love the imagery of imagining butterflies when challenged by the energies of late! WTF has a whole new meaning now!❤❤❤

  3. Janice says:

    Thank you! Love, Beauty & Blessings flowing !

  4. DeAnne says:

    Gratitude and Love to the Goddesses! It is good to hear from you Susan and Janice ~ sending you blessing of authentic radiance, my heart to yours! ❤

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