Deepening With The Moon And Intention

Good Morning New Humans,

With all its intensity, the Divine Feminine has really been showing up in a myriad of ways in March ~ subtle as with the simple email from lululemon earlier this week ( and not so subtle as with the 4 little faerie children I witnessed playing naked in a creek yesterday. Each around 3 years of age with waist length hair, their utter delight with the natural world and freedom of Self under the late morning sun, filled the environment and my heart with the Love of the Absolute.

I AM working with a young woman at the moment, 27 years old with extremely heightened sensitivity, awareness and sight. She has struggled most of her life with social and health challenges because she came in so open and vibrating higher than her birth family and surroundings. She moved to Asheville 6 months ago and through a very pristine series of synchronicities, aligned with me and this new paradigm. It is a magical alignment… in many ways she feels like a younger version of my Self – lots of uncanny mirroring going on between us. What I have found so effective in working with her is actually the most direct and supportive advice I could offer to you, at this time, as well.

The essential movement for anyone desiring new alignments with heart based tribe, expansion in purpose and a more clear and truer communication with your  Higher, Divine, New Human aspect, is to honor your personal path of Mastery in everything you do, every choice you make, every decision, thought and action.

We have worked a lot together, stabilizing her physical health with diet and supplements, movement and stillness… but I reminded her that taking care of herself is also about choosing well her work environment, the friends she opens up to and invites into her space, the community that she gathers with and the activities she engages. I challenged her, “is she allowing herself to shine, is she gravitating toward lifestyle choices where she is honored, that can hold space for the vibration she hums within and the creative intelligence she has to share?”

It was initially foreign to her that taking care of Self is about the whole Self, body mind and spirit. We (Divine Self) have been entrusted with the care of the identity aspect we came here to embody. Now, more than ever, we must recognize that we are so much more than someone’s daughter, mother, brother or dad; our lives are so much greater than paying bills and meeting deadlines and fulfilling arbitrary societal benchmarks of success. Ultimately we cannot be effective in these lower vibrating roles until we learn to honor and truly care for the Divine LoveLight that we each are.

Today we have the additional support of a Virgo Full Moon, (10:54 am eastern). This moon is assisting us with the inward focus and cultivation needed to keep our minds up above emotional, mental and physical fatigue. Remaining awake and focused on the path at this time is work! There is no getting around that fact. But if you are feeling worn out to the point of exhaustion, be aware of your own resistance. The cellular shifts occurring now demand surrender. The New Templates of Self* are activating and require new spaces, new lifestyles that establish a very different relationship with the world around us and the True Self within. Honor the waves as they come and your energy in response to these new frequencies. Surround your Self with love, with those who are capable of recognizing the truth in you, be very conscious with your choices and set your intentions everyday. Every creation begins with intention ~ intention acts as a coat of armor to repel the old systems and timelines while aligning you with new ones. I encourage you to write out your daily intention(s) and say them aloud, perhaps while looking in the mirror, as an invocation to your Highest Self. Be bold and unapologetic with your intentions and align them with Universal Will to amplify the new timelines of Love, Light, Service and Unity.

As we focused on in the current webcast *( we are currently in the process of embodying New Templates of Self to align us with the new energies. We are both witnessing and creating our transformation simultaneously. Your heart will expand and you will feel truth when you are honoring your highest expression and Self – you will feel confused and heavy when you are engaging in resistance. Even if you are needing quantum amounts of rest, the mind is increasingly clear and the heart, buoyant and light. Continue to work with the breath consciously and with devotion. Though much has been surrendered, be honest in your assessment of the pieces still in place in “life as you know it” and get in touch with “what next steps” you need to take, to keep the momentum going. Pure intention and alignment with the highest good is key in working with this timeline acceleration. Honor your Self, take care of your Whole Self, call in the higher realms, go inward and be willing to be boundless, fearless and vast in what you can create. It is time to SHINE!

Big Love,

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2 comments on “Deepening With The Moon And Intention
  1. Merina says:

    Wow! I am so feeling the new energies!I have been moving more from the place of inspired action, really making conscious communication with the higher realms…AND getting answers! I have been seeing triple digits everywhere and know they are talking to me….I’m still learning to interpret, but that is the joy of staying open to the possibilities. Magical happenings lately and I’m excited for the continued momentum upward! Thank you DeAnne for being an amazing steward of the Light!

    • DeAnne says:

      I AM you and you are me Merina ~ together we shine in the LoveLight of Creation… as ONE. Love you much! SEE YOU SOON! ಌॐಌ ????????

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