Evolving Realities, The Perfection Of Unity

Namaste New Humans,

What an amazing, powerful week it has been. Surely this is the longest, brightest most potent Full Moon on record – combined with the current New HUman transmission ~ the vibrational space around and within us is quite vast. All I have wanted to do since arriving back in Asheville is create space for the frequencies of Divine Feminine and goddess energy. I have felt this really strongly – the need to do so and this has been my intention. I created a new altar space, have added color both indoors and outside – and have very mindfully placed things with a felt, intuited guidance, as if this golden solar light was informing and anchoring through me. Really pay attention to the way energy is shifting around and within you – there is just so much brilliance unfolding NOW ~ it was present in the show on the 11th – so many of you communicated a felt experience of a truly powerful and very new experience. And now with this spectacular Full Moon, just SO incredibly otherworldly, yet so present in direct impact to ascending humanity. Phase three of the Equinox timeline shift completed with this Full Moon that again, seemed open and full this entire week! I was pulled to water all week – crystalline water in mountain streams and waterfalls … every time I got to a waterfall it was inevitable that I would be getting under it – just marinating my being with that energy, merging with the pure, crystal cascades.

Now that the Cosmic Stargate is unlocked – expect to experience and witness miracles, great and small, in your own reality and the greater world around you. It is becoming much easier to move in and out of dimensions, boundaries of time and space are becoming much more elastic because these Gateways open paths for higher frequency pure light to enter in. This entire week has radiated an invitation to profound stillness, like time standing still and along with it, the mind, emotions, experiences… even the nature kingdoms and elementals appear to be in complete stillness. My meditations have been deeper and more effortless, my yoga more mindful and body stronger, there is a more anchored sense of purpose in the field around us at this time – it feels very much like reality as we know it, all that we have come to expect or even the construct of expectation itself, have been put on pause.

Existence and our own higher aspects are asking us to be truly open conduits in a state of pure focus ~ you will find your life communicating to you in a completely new and very different way as you do so. The ongoing split, as we worked with in the current webcast, is revealing itself in stronger ways – so, Vibration = Vibration is more important than ever. This stillness, the opportunity to expand your environment energetically with the inclusion of reverence and beauty, color and intuited alteration of space, these are opportunities to shift your experience outside of the constraints of time-space, where miracles occur naturally. Make of your life and your vessel a vibrational welcome for the frequencies of purity, divinity and the higher experience of crystalline consciousness. I have talked about this repositioning of our planet in the Solar System for years and NOW here we are – so blessed and loved to be witnessing and experiencing unconditional streams of cosmic codes flowing into the Solar system for the purpose of alignment with the experience of 5D/Unity/Crystalline Consciousness and MIRACLES, the miracle of BEING, as a new way of existence.

Breathe often, stay in devotion, feel the beauty of this light creating a new rhythm within you, simplify your life and detox your body, your mind, your thoughts, words and emotions in support of planetary detoxification. Remain calm, in JOY (there is so much to be IN JOY about), IN the moment, IN your center and unapologetically scrutinizing in the company you keep. The Cosmic Mother Divine LoveLight is here, amplifying all experience for personal and collective edification as we move into the embodiment phase. Glimpses of your new life and roles will be making themselves known to you – pay attention, move forward, open your heart, bask in the brilliance of this NOW.

With Great Love and the gratitude of a very full heart…

Take time, prepare the space and listen well to the current New HUman Transmission – work with the meditation often. Both carry the cosmic codes and sound frequencies of this new trajectory – brilliance, high level blessings and a very pure love.


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2 comments on “Evolving Realities, The Perfection Of Unity
  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    It is wonderful to witness the rise of the Divine Feminine all over the world in many different arenas. We have so much to offer Humanity now.

    Your mention of the crystaline consciouness reminds of a resent documantary that I watch. It is about a female gemologist that got to go into the giant selenite cave in Mexico. She felt the wonderful vibrations of these massive crystals and heard a humming sound. As of this past January the cave has now been allowed to refill with water in order to save the crystals.

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