Peace ~ Within and Without

Good Morning New Humans,

There is an incredible amount of repatterning and activation underway, energies shifting around within and without as new DNA comes on line. This Gateway is pretty fierce! I see and feel a tremendous pillar of energy and light running from the Infinite Cosmos into and through the earth, that is creating a suction cup of force, pulling us TO, the new timelines. Anything that is heavy, dense, old ~ be it beliefs, thoughts, relationships, habits, patterns, possessions, attitudes, jobs, et al ~ will be adversely affected by this “lift”. If you are feeling alone, if all of the sudden the space around you feels like it is closing in with no obvious sign of release or change… this IS the new timeline pulling you up from limitations and through resistances. There is nothing more to do, but surrender. When I feel my mind trying to fixate on a perceived “problem” or I am feeling pressure anywhere in my body due to these shifting magnetics ~ I keep returning to center in 2 ways: #1 – I say to my Self – FOCUS DeAnne and/or #2 I do the tapping ritual “See and Feel” that I shared from my trip to Mexico. (Tapping 3rd eye, repeating SEE, tapping heart, repeating FEEL). We are being pulled up, lifted from our core, deep internal places of Truth and Power. There is much to distract us – that would distract us from the old timeline. You may be experiencing old defeating thoughts ~ or encounter people or situations that would serve to throw you off center, creating doubt or just plain exhaustion. Know this is debris in your field that this Solar activity and refinement of spiritual space is deeming to clear. We must stay OUT of the mind, out of thought, emotionally stable and in the heart AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. When you say, “FOCUS Cyndy” for example or shift to the tapping with the command of SEE and FEEL – you are MAKING THE MOMENT CONSCIOUS – you are Shining Light on the inner child and the old patterns that were established out of fear.

This Gateway lasts through the New Moon, this Thursday – we must do everything in our power, the power of the Light through us, to maintain our light, keep our energy high and clear, bring awareness to “attitudes” (the ego’s voice) and remain in forward motion with dreams, building, creating, visualizing. Do NOT censor these new timeline expressions of energy. DO cast your nets of creation FAR outside your comfort zones ~ the new timeline vibrates with quantum manifestation principle. If ever there were a time where you didn’t have to go from A to B to C – but could leap through many hoops and steps and perceived limitations – THIS NOW is it!

I AM contemplating a brief webcast this Sunday – the 28th – just to touch in after this Gateway and offer a mooring of sorts, stability and grace through sound, light codes, that exquisite benevolence and love of the Shining Ones and Divine Feminine wisdom. We will have a more full energetic of this New Human consciousness and energy in preparation of the Summer Gateway in the next couple of weeks. So much zooming so fast ~ take care with your heart beloveds, your beautiful light and your inner child, ALL in quantum transformation mode. The new timeline experiences will be another world to everything we think we are or know or wish for. We must keep our focus on the light, on the new, on our inherent power and the pulse of our new levels of service.

Yesterday, I drove out to what I consider “heaven on earth” to look a possible relocation spot. More room, refined energies, space for dreams and service to merge in co-creation. On the way home, I first witnessed a large turtle in the middle of the road. I immediately turned the car around to go and help it to safety. As I did so, another car sped over the top of it and flipped the turtle on its back – making it spin around upside down. Needless to say, by the time I got there the poor thing was NOT happy and was trying to snap at me. But I managed to get it off to safety.

Next, not 6 minutes later, a baby fox ran right out, several yards in front of the car – looked right at me, then ran right back off the road and into the woods. It was SUCH a moment because foxes are not as likely to show themselves (they are sly that way :-)) and this was close enough to see EVERY detail of this beautiful creature.

Ok – just briefly – but with a POINT! Turtles are a symbol of longevity, endurance, persistence and the continuation of life – sometimes against incredible odds. This turtle was BIG (to get my attention) and placed itself in a very precarious situation – MUCH like the precarious moment of life we all find ourselves in as we dare to step into a new level of existence, of purpose and of SELF – one that connected to the new timeline – will extend life in the body as we know it! Turtle medicine is also about relocating and finding “home” in your heart. We are all on the move, inside and out… we must trust in the greater intelligence and force that is guiding us.

Fox is a symbol of balance, change, courage, protection, transformation and adaptability. That this fox was young, a yearling? ~ one could easily feel the vibrational world, the higher realms acknowledging that we are in very new territory requiring change, courage, the need for BALANCE in every aspect of our lives in a process of ongoing transformation, but one in which there is a lot of protection present. To stay with the momentum of this movement, we must be willing to adapt again and again, as new circumstances and information are revealed. And they will be. SUCH gifts – these 2 encounters back to back – both incredibly unusual – just like this moment of being hUman on planet Earth at this very auspicious NOW time!

I AM extending to you some beauty and grace via Ajeet Kaur ~ we have experienced her light on the New HUman transmissions before ~ and I will bring her in on this Sunday’s mini webcast ~ for today, a reminder that Peace is a gift that we carry within. There are many beautiful hUmans BEing peace on our planet ~ and each moment that we can acknowledge that peace, feel and breathe and smile the energy of peace out into our personal moments and collective world ~ we are connecting with every other aspect of peace vibrating on and within our Earth. I invite you to feel and embody this sacred chant with her ~ many of you loved when we moved our bodies in the last show ~ so get up and let your body move with peace and the joy of peace, along with Ajeet in this video. And remember – New Moons are a time to plant seeds for the future ~ allow the evocative energies of this gateway to loosen up the seeds of your future ~ sow with peace and love.

We are LOVE ~ always and forever, within and without, love and only love, I AM, as are you.
One Love, DeAnne

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3 comments on “Peace ~ Within and Without
  1. mtykisera says:

    I Am SOO grateful that you wrote this. I have been feeling apathetic and listless since last night. Feeling like all the work I’ve been doing has been spinning my wheels only to end up tired and feeling like I’ve gone nowhere. I knew of this energy surge coming in and “expected’ it to be glorious and uplifting. So when I had those feelings of apathy and ‘whats the point’ feelings, i was wondering what I am I doing wrong? When I read your post I felt a great sense of relief. Listening to the beautiful voice of Ajeet almost brought me to tears of joy and great openess to the new and willingness to continue in the release of the old.
    So much Gratitude and Love for you and the Shining Ones!

    • DeAnne says:

      Beautiful sharing Merina ~ you really touched my heart and deepened my gratitude for the Light, this time, the love that is here to help us remember and the new frequencies activating the new homoluminous being. YES – EVERYTHING is in refinement ~ when we are feeling like this (WTF – will it ever end??) it is NOT a regress – it is the NEW energies coming in wherever we are, asking us to refine and lift higher. Increasingly so, the learning curve here is can we MAINTAIN the higher spaces – even when the mind and circumstances deem to limit us. WE MUST PERSIST in our JOY!! We have a long and trying history of being suppressed, dumbed down, permeated with fear from ever angle of life as we know it… and we have forgotten that JOY, this LIGHTNESS OF BEING, is WHO WE ARE. When I hear and feel the voice of my Higher Mind and being saying, FOCUS DeAnne – it is a reminder that the density, distraction, unworthiness (very deep trench in our psyches) and hopelessness are NOT REAL – they are the illusion and the LIGHT, the TRUTH of our POWER and the promise of LOVE – that is true existence – THAT is where we must keep pivoting consciousness, again and again. ॐಌ ????????We are all in this together ~ let us keep sharing and coming together and lifting one another up, in community, as ONE LOVE.

  2. DeAnne says:

    At 1:11 Hawaii time, New Human Jean Canale read the above post and then forwarded the video below with excitement! Earlier in her morning she was on a walk and caught site of this sea turtle making its way along the rocks. As she watched it she thought to herself how persistent he was to just keep flowing with the current ~ swimming no matter how many times it got pushed back.

    The synchronistic world is an aspect of the new timelines ~ time and time again the vibrational world will affirm our connection to one another and to greater Truths. BE NOT DISCOURAGED New Humans ~ we must persist in our return to JOY, to freedom and power and alignment with our truest gifts and nature.

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