Beautiful Dream ~ Sacred Spiral INTEGRATION

Life continues to be a beautiful dream of God’s
and His/Her gifts of Grace bestowed upon me expand my heart and deeply touch my soul. 
Jai Guru Paramahansa Yogananda

Blessings of Joy and Peace to this beautiful Light Tribe,

June has come in with bounty, filled with amazing gifts, including a break from all the instability and chaos… a time to breathe and nurture and discern between a reality aligned with your personal truth and one imposed by old beliefs and constructs. Think of this window of illumined life from this moment until the Summer Solstice ~ as a time to truly allow yourself to receive and grow, to change and complete, to create and be loved, to blossom and truly LIVE.

Many of you know that I did my first yoga teacher training this last week… I cannot even begin to tell you all of the gifts this experience opened up for me. It was a multifaceted and comprehensive training ~ anyone who knows anything about yoga knows that it is much more than asanas (poses) – yoga is about energy and insight, chakras and vayus, mantras and movement, themes, physiology, bandhas, sequencing and of course, BREATH. PRANA. LIFE FORCE. The entire week for me was expansive with opportunities to be seen and nurtured in a beautiful feminine community, a sisterhood ~  a week of receiving and growing and learning more about my Self in my willingness to create and take on challenge and change within those challenges. I feel like I received more insight into the whole of who I AM from this experience, from both external validation but also internal reflection… more Light is present, life somehow got a lot bigger and I feel more wisdom about the future that is unfolding for me.
THIS IS THE JUNE PASSAGE. This is what we want to be paying attention to and taking advantage of…. STAY PRESENT, BE OPEN to NEW OPPORTUNITY, ACCEPT what is, ALLOW yourself to have, to move, to release, to change.

As the New Timelines co-mingle and merge with what is dismantling in the denser realities ~ we will have greater opportunity to discern between delusions and ideals… and true reality. Heart consciousness is truly beginning to bloom with the activity of the new feminine solar light. With that Divine Wisdom so present within and all around us vibrationally ~ there will be a great quickening in clarity around our greater purpose on the planet in these times of unprecedented change and expansion. It is important to find a good balance between dreaming our future in and staying really grounded in the present moment. The more present you are to the current moment, the better you are going to feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  If you are denying the emotional body or thinking too much about 3D incidentals… dizziness, vertigo, funk, fogginess and or lethargy can easily take over. More than anything, these beginning weeks of June are an invitation to allow any elements of your path that are not quite “right”, to dissolve – while you deepen your trust in the intelligence of your Higher Self to keep you on track with your own higher intentions!

During the meditation on the current webcast ( where we engaged the energies of the Divine Mother and Golden Helix ~ a whole flock of chickadees appeared and grew louder with voice and in participation as the meditation deepened. They were drawn in somehow ~ to the sound, the intention, the presence and love of the feminine, the goddess, the frequency and truth of the moment. Chickadees symbolize cheerfulness and truth… their associated traits are trust, joy, curiosity, flexibility and adaptability. Chickadees remind us to have courage to seek out NEW ideas, NEW perspectives and NEW avenues of growth. As you read and listen to this sharing with the minds eye (intuition) and heart’s consciousness, you will feel the golden spiral of connectivity between the meditation and chickadees and my yoga immersion and this NOW of humanity’s ascension!

In my teacher training this last week, every other person in the class was an experienced yoga teacher with many different kinds of teacher trainings over the years. But I went with the theory of “there is no time like the present” in throwing myself into this mix of expertise and Sara, the teacher of this Slow Power Flow certification reflected that I was “freakishly natural” in this new pursuit. I encourage you to hear the vibrational “gifts” in this sharing:

*we are being called OUT of the known, into new levels of passion and skill.
*we must have courage and trust in ourselves in our pursuit of expansion.
*there will be a sense community and welcome and encouragement in these experiences.
*we will discover new skills and confidence in our stepping out.
*new endeavors at this time will feel very expansive and connected to the future.

This is definitely a NEW discovery phase ~ there is an intensity because we are learning and embodying a lot of new, fast. (I slept LONG and DEEP the entire week during this training week, first week of June.) But there is also a lot of joy – “sun of my being” joy accompanying the quickening. The metaphors of Universe-as-Self, Solar Self, or Christed Self are manifesting into our realities, by us and for us, through our embodiment and self-realization of Creator consciousness. It feels psychedelic, blissful, and liberating. The mind and body are immersed in this rushing sea of liquid light, surrendering to it while pondering the creation of a new shore. When you pay attention and listen to your inner knowing and desire, you will find yourself in the midst of experiences that you planned for your Self MANY moons (and lifetimes) ago. This is the “completion” aspect of this phase as we are magnetically drawn up into the expansion of the Summer Solstice, just weeks away.

We will come together here for a Summer Solstice Webcast on the 18th. Who KNOWS who we will be by then but I can tell you that we are ON track and blossoming in magnificent ways. There is a lot of gateway support present to help prepare our bodies, minds and spirits for fast tracking and opening of Cosmic Mastery later this month. Be mindful of the bodies needs ~ getting good rest, lots of pure water, perhaps fasting for a few days ~ I shared on the current webcast I have doubled up on my juicing of local, organic veggies ~ on the inbetween days I AM doing carrot juice all day long… there is just something about the sun’s color, the Vitamin A and Carotene that is especially joyful and satisfying in supping this sustenance at this time. Just know that diet is a key player in helping the body to stabilize and integrate this DNA related influx of Solar Light.

Finally, at least in this moment, ????I feel COMPELLED to share with you a truly magical, crystalline moment from this last week via GLOBAL media and news. I had just finished a 4 legged outing with Bodhi and his friend Daisy… we were all muddy and happy tired. I started the car just at the moment that Bill Press, a White House correspondent, was reflecting about his recent experience of being present when President Trump announced he was withdrawing from the Paris Agreement on climate change. Understanding the world as consciousness and energy via this New Human Paradigm ~ we know to listen not so much to the details of what is occurring but to listen instead for the metaphor and vibration, therein.

In that regard, this was a FANTASTICAL moment, indeed. Right after the briefing, Press reflected that he felt like he was in the middle of an “alternate reality” – that when he left the White House and was walking down Pennsylvania Avenue, it was like there was “one world” on one side of the fence and a completely different world on the other side of the fence. He went on to say that it was clear that the people inside the White House were completely disconnected from the rest of the world! S i g h ~

The Light trickles in and expands with our trust in its presence and ABSOLUTENESS. If we are paying attention ~ the language of the light is communicating the promise of brand new realities in every aspect of our changing world. Complexity and apparent chaos increase as old timelines near their extinction. Most Lightworkers have embraced simplicity, eliminating excess distractions (news, media, emotional triggers, and doubt) from the Ascension process. The need for this becomes evident; we are here to serve, experience, and create brand new realities. Creating the New can be a tall order in density, especially during a timeline split. Simplification creates peace, stability and balance, allowing the New to emerge. From that peace, our trust deepens and our ability to LOVE IT ALL, with selfless gratitude, expands.

The June and July Gateways prepare the path for the collective experience of the August rewrite. As always, I encourage the collective within this New Human family to stay close and connected in your experiences, within this blog space. In our common growing pains and heart opening, we find solace and peace and a drawing into new spaces of community and unity. As a reflection of Oneness, my energy and yours, our beloved Mother, Gaia, the Shining Ones and the higher realms presence connected to this new timeline ~ we will come together on the 18th to find clarity on the timeline split and the remaining Gateways of 2017. The story and personal examples in the current webcast will help to shine light on the role you are playing and how to stay clear of the stickiness and chaos of this rewrite. Spend time there and with the meditations on the website… they are a cocoon of peace and well being, remembrance and power. Breathe often and drink deeply of this now, there is great peace and wisdom for the embodying and becoming ~ as we are ready for true and lasting change.

With so much love this comes to you ~ always in my heart.


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  1. Karen says:

    Staying anchored in the slip stream of Christ Light & Love until I AM guided to move into the New Wave of Oneness that is my True Divine Nature Self….Blessed I AM that I AM! (((((((+)))))))

  2. Karen says:

    Namaste De Anne, Beautiful Shining One ~ * ~ * ~ * Blessings for your New AdVenture into yoga teacher training. You have been my wisdom teacher for many years now & I have no doubt of your inherent expertise in mind body & Spirit yogic practices, from my vantage point!! Sat Nam & Woohoo !<3

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