Embrace The Light ~ Summer Solstice

Happy Solstice New Humans~

Let this day be about gratitude and opening your heart and owning the fullness of the power you have to create! Create new life, new relationships, new health, new roles of service, new levels of dharma, new experiences of joy, new types of community, new discoveries about the magnificent light that you are. Energetically, this day has truly loving (feminine) aspects that fully support what is expanding and becoming true, in you. Make use of the Gayatri Prayer (below) to work with the sun and it’s life giving energies. The Sun, Solar Light, is what is driving and accelerating the ascension process on our beloved planet. What a wonder that is ~ it is easy to focus on expansion and gratitude when we recognize our capacity to take the source of all power ~ the rays that illumine the whole world, into our hearts. Spend time with people you love today, even if the one you love most… is the Earth Mother. You are never alone, you are always celebrated ~ find a way, a ritual, a prayer, a song, a ceremony of one or many to imagine, to dream your future in and to sit in the fullness of the vibration of gratitude. If there were a scale of frequency we could measure – I imagine that gratitude and joy would be right up there with the frequency of LOVE. Today is a day to allow your greatest desires to be the seeds you plant and to intend your highest good ~ in fortune, abundance and prosperity to blossom with the beauty of your heart.

Gayatri Prayer (Prayer to the Sun)

You who are the source of all power, whose rays illuminate the whole world,
illuminate also my heart, so it too, can do your work.
Come join me in the Cathedral Rock Vortex! I will be there with the sun rise and through the noon day sun. This vortex is a vast, open, mountain top experience making it especially close to the Sun. One can access their Higher Self Matrix or inner guides, view their life on the greater time/space continuum, travel to the heart of the earth mother and open the self to healing. This magnetic vortex grounds and supports an individual, strengthening the earth element while opening to the Cosmic Heart. You can actually see and feel the world grid here! You will be with me in the consciousness and energy of a new earth, in the frequency and light of the new homoluminous heart.

Wishing for you the Love of Creation and the truest reflection of your Divine New HUman.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

Remember: The Shining Ones are from the Great Central Sun ~ their wisdom and love for humanity is unknowable, yet can be felt in the deep heart of your being. Welcome them in ~ and spend time this day with the Solstice Meditation (Light Behind The Heart), as well as, the New Human Solstice Webcast; Fierce Love. Both will support the frequency of your New Self and future. https://deannehampton.com/webcast/summer-solstice-webcast-sunday-june-18/

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