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Blessings on this NEW MOON day New HUmans,

Many of us are still in deep spaces of wonder and gratitude for the experiences the Summer Solstice Gate offered. What a gift, as we marinate in those shifts within the mind, body and spirit ~ to have the additional support of New Moon energies.

The Summer Solstice was exceptional in its invitation to new realities, allowing for the sensation of frequency jumps and dramatic increases in light quotient, expansion, and awareness of higher levels of Source-as-Self. This Gateway was an incredibly prophetic passage wherein I experienced climbing to a Temple of Light and being completely enveloped in Divine Feminine LoveLight as was I showered in crystalline frequency. I will speak to this in more detail once I have integrated this phenomenal day ~ suffice it to say that this Gateway blasted open the pathway for the August Eclipse, which physically and etherically, represents unification across all levels of consciousness. The current brilliance of this shift and the light present will appear in the world of form as more separation – it is our responsibility as spiritual beings to focus on the spiritual Self, on your daily devotions in meditation, stillness, time in nature, time with mantras and practices that purify the body, mind and spirit. As we move higher in the new timelines experience, there will be complexity in the lower timelines, politically, socially, economically and in personal challenges to the status quo. Increased polarization is an effect of the dimensional shift, time collapse, cosmic rays, and magnetic shifts in our Solar system and galaxy. All is well, all is on path to the higher good, the new timelines are here to support what is activating in the new dna and assist with profound levels of transformation and quickening on our planet.

We looked at the timeline shifts already in place this year on the current New Human webcast – Fierce Love
and how your life is reflecting the new that is here. Now we have this New Moon in Cancer @ 10:31pm eastern on Friday, June 23rd ~ that is an invitation to do something different!! How are you anchoring the new in your reality? What are the practices and disciplines that support your True and Divine Self? As you light a candle or sit with your crystals under the light of this moon, today is a perfect day to revisit your intentions from the beginning of the year. What has gained momentum and flowered, what is showing you resistance ~ really pay attention to where you are experiencing openings and opportunities and abundance – what is showing up for you? This New Moon coming so closely after this immensely expansive and new Solstice Gateway 2017, is a powerful time to plant new seeds, anchor more of what you love, more of what is true for you, more of what is true in existence.

I found what I feel is the perfect mantra and energy shower to help you continue to open to what you received this Summer Solstice ~ and to encourage your heart to continue to expand so that more new may anchor in with this New Moon.

Om Namo Bhagavate is sometimes referred to as the “singing heart” mantra. I know that every time I chant or listen to or experience this mantra, I feel all “other” within myself and around me,  dissolve into Love. Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya calls out to the God who lives in the hearts of ALL ~ it acknowledges the Indwelling One, the illuminating Force and substance of the Divine, within all. This mantra is an invitation to explore and honor and find gratitude for the Love that dwells in us all.

Rest in the remembrance of this mantra and the images therein ~ open your heart and allow it to sing.

One Love, DeAnne

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