Doorways Of Expansion

Blessings of Wonder and Light to ALL,

Gratitude for showing up and sharing space with me yesterday (7/16) ~ it was a magnificent container of empowerment and bliss, love and invitation. There is a lot to revisit, work with, anchor and embody in this webcast: Apex Of The Heart, Choosing Love.

Shortly after the show I went to the woods, the only place vast enough to help me unwind and come down from these webcasts. Several notable experiences took place in the 2 hours I was on the trail… all still very much reflective of the container of this show. First, I had 4 different encounters, one with a woman and her dog, another with a man and his child, still another with a young couple and finally, with a very ancient woman and her daughter. Each of these encounters were so bright, effervescent… there was a lot of synchronicity in the conversations. They all felt like reunion with family, all happy, warm, lots of smiles. These beings felt very attentive and interested in me… even curious, like I was somehow someone they had been wanting to meet. Kinda hard to explain but I felt very seen and acknowledged, welcomed and regarded. Somehow the energy these “strangers” emanated allowed me to shine the joy of my being with a felt gratitude. Makes me wonder who these beings in human suits, reflecting the feminine, the masculine, a balance of the two, along with a child (new life) and a very old one (ancient/ancestor energy) really were! All along the 2 hours of random encounter – I kept feeling that I was still in the energy of the show! 

Midway through our run, I sat for a moment by a stream for Bodhi to take the time and get the water he needed, it was a hot day in Asheville. As I sat there, I felt very strongly that I was being watched, that I was not alone. I was very aware of a different energy present ~ and I felt that it wanted to be photographed. So I picked up my phone and took 4 photos one after the other… in quick succession. I was definitely seeing what I was taking photos of – and I saw the energy shapeshift over moments. The order of photos you see above is what I was seeing and feeling.

The first photo is more opaque and there is the presence of a sacred geometry with a slight pink tint that appears in the dominant arch. Then it changes to a lot of blue (shining ones/and the celestial love of truth), with another orb appearing and a rainbow inverted arch in the foundation. Moments later it shifts again, back to green but this time including more yellow (solar christ) a more pronounced radiance of rays streaming in and the rainbow arch at the bottom is ascending. There appears to be an opening coming into view in the center of the energy. Finally, in the last photo before the energy disappeared, everything becomes more transparent and the energy expands out, multiple orbs or “openings” are present with a golden sheen. There is almost a vesica piscis energy present, which at its heart, is about UNITY, the union of that which was separate, into ONE.

This was a dimensional doorway vibrating the gifts of the webcast – and the invitation of the new timelines, especially so the Cosmic event of the August Eclipse! The energy was very grounded, magnificent, very present ~ there was a comfort and joy in being there, for both me and this energy. There was a felt balance between POWER… and softness, allowing, compassion. I encourage you to MEDITATE on this energy ~ in each photo. Allow it to speak to you, invite it into your mind, your thoughts, your fears and and your heart. Perhaps you see something totally different ~ celebrate that as it reflects your energy at this time. Breathe ~ Expand ~ Deepen

These interdimensional Doorways are present and will become increasingly available as we near the August Eclipse. As I shared on the New HUman Transmission – we are slowly, deliberately, mindfully and as conscious choice, moving into spaces we will not be coming back from. The August Eclipse is about completion and revelation of the New. With completion of our small self, ongoing revelations will be forthcoming. This event is a strong activator of divine destiny, and the resolution of multiple layers of planetary conflict. This cosmic stargate will sweep from one ocean to the other, crossing North America in the area of the USA. On August 21, this total eclipse of the Sun will be visible from a narrow track which cuts diagonally from Oregon to South Carolina. In the direct path, Solaris’ corona is revealed for 2 minutes.

I feel the momentum of this event strongly ~ together with this profound energy experience of visible and felt interdimensional doorways yesterday ~ ALL IS FORGIVEN becomes a physical, mental, emotional and intuitive release felt on a multidimensional level within my heart. Let Go Let Go Let Go and LET LOVE~ imagine this moment, this time as a gift that you have sent your Self from the future, along with the permission to just BE. Love and Forgive, Allow and WALK INTO YOUR TRUEST LIFE. “My heart is a clear pool of water, My heart a chalice of light.” May we fearlessly venture forth into a new future together, shining brightly, living free.

Always in my heart, WE ARE ONENESS RISING!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

*Below is a version of the mantra you heard in yesterday’s show, performed by my bhakti teacher Michael and his band, Osel. Osel means clear light and this version of Lokah Samastah is a very simple, light filled experience. 

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu Michael Johnson and Osel

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4 comments on “Doorways Of Expansion
  1. Diane Harmony says:

    Stunning photos and an amazing transmission yesterday! All Is Forgiven!

    Aloha love, DeAnne,

  2. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    Wonderful, Absolutely Wonderful pix and encounters, DeAnne. They know your pure heart. What a blessing to you, them and HUmanity.

    I have not listened to the webcast yet. I was out of town yesterday interacting with others on the Path, The Way.


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